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E&E's Candles


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                             Located on Eclipse Blvd In West Vinewood. Est in 2021 by Ella Hansen and Elena Kelmendi. Both successful business owners they decided to join forces in a mission that they both loved, and E&E's candles was created. We strive to provide Los Santos with a unique experience.                               






                                                                                                                                               Visit Our Store

                                                                                                                                               Like us on FB

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                                                                                              Review Submissions 




*Rating (( 1-5 stars)):


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Username: Lucy_R


Comment: If I could give 6 stars I would. Ella has great customer service and has dealt with my giant orders. I've easily ordered 40 candles from her and she handles them no problem each time. I'll always be by to buy at least a candle or two...or 10...love you Ella. ❤️

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*Username: Kay_Volta

*Rating (( 1-5 stars)):

*Comment: I love the store, it's so cute and filled with amazing products and it sure smells amazing in there. Ella, as always, has incredible customer service skills. I'm very satisfied with all of the products I purchased today. Can't wait to visit again! 

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Username: Sofiii


Comment: Ella is amazing and always strives to help others. Her candles have brought some happy memories for me and my insane candle hoarding sister… highly suggest going here for yourself and others you won’t regret it! Plus the holiday scents are to die for. 💓

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