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"The Pink Cage Motel is a motel located on the intersection of Hawick Avenue and Meteor Street, opposite of the Bank in Alta, Los Santos. The business offers thirty-seven air-conditioned rooms with color televisions. Residents also have access to a fenced full-length swimming pool.  According to a sign at the entrance to the building, prostitution, visitors and food or drinks within the area of the pool are prohibited. In its prime, the motel was an easy stopover for people traveling in or out of Los Santos wishing to be close to downtown, promising “air conditioned by refrigeration” comfort to guests.


When it’s not a stand-in for 1950s America, the Pink Cage also excels at playing the role of the gritty, rundown hotel that often harbors criminals. Prostitution and drug dealing are prominent in the premises, with sources linking criminal activities to the motel."

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