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[SOLD] 106 Imagination Court


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Amazing deal! Vespucci Canals house for sale. Has a terrace. This is not an auction.  Please send an email ((forum PM)) using the form below if you're interested. You may find more photos attached below.


(( I have found a better place for my character, and I am selling this house. I will not hold onto it unrealistically for a month to make some extra profit from it. I want someone who will actually use the place to purchase it, not someone who is purchasing solely to wait for some months and sell it for a profit. I will be selecting the buyer. Thank you for your understanding. ))





Contact Details:


Why are you interested in this property?:

What makes you the right candidate?:


(( Why are you interested in purchasing this property? What will you use the property for?: ))

(( Please tell me shortly about the character you want to purchase this property with: ))





Buyout: $427.550

((Market Price: $140,000

Furniture Worth: $7,550


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