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Discussion: Illegal Faction Revamp


Do you want to see the faction tier system on the server instead of the current faction system?  

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Absolutely not. I strongly disagree with providing factions with a set amount of guns or drugs, and I’m not sure I support removing the current efforts it takes to obtain illegal faction properties either.


Locking these benefits behind some sort of a wordy application regardless of the tier the faction rests at? Sure, absolutely.




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I’d like to add to what I said below. Providing turf is a bad idea. Turf should be strictly IC, speaking from previous community experience, as soon as you make turf OOC interactions between factions become stupid. Turf shouldn’t be an OOC perk you get which will eventually get used like a shield. Turf should be only an IC perk that can be gained and lost at all times. 

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My only complaint is the gun issue. The reward is nice to see for long-term factions; however, this doesn't solve the weapon issue most factions have been facing. If you have been around illegal factions for any time, you can see the problem. Acquiring guns across the board in factions has been problematic. The proposed three guns a month or even ten guns a month for long-term factions isn't helping the real issue. That's a laughable quantity. Gun suppliers need the real work here. Most factions can hardly get any guns or ammo unless you have a connection OOCly which is sad to hear. I know that you hate to read that, but most factions are hurting for guns and ammo. This change is much needed, but it's only a band-aid to a more significant issue. I can see just from your comments that you guys are heading in the right direction. I hope to see this improvement and many more. My experience is coming from five months in a official illegal faction.

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It is refreshing to see IFM attempting to address some of the issues with Illegal RP, and this idea has potential, despite being flawed in certain aspects. One of the main issues that has been talked about in this thread has been the supplier roles,with emphasis on gun supplier, and I agree, this system is flawed in its essence, due to various points:

Close Knit Cliques: These cliques might have been formed trough IC means, however, they are a factor in the huge mess that is the gun economy right now. Why would Faction A stop supplying their long time allies Faction B and Faction C to supply up and coming faction D? Not to say that it is inherently wrong, but it's a contributing factor towards the demise of newer factions. Also, let's not forget that sometimes these cliques lead to...

OOC Dealing: Yup, we're going there. OOC deals are an occurrence amongst these cliques, which creates what it is essentially a "cartel", where you can only join if you're mates with one of the members. It's detrimental towards Illegal RP as a whole, and it's especially detrimental towards newer factions composed of new players, where most don't know any "cartel members".

PF System: As it stands, the current PF system is ass. Illegal factions have to go trough countless OOC hoops to get a supplier role, while Kawasaki Hinata Naruto, in her Futo, wearing her cat ears can just make an application for a PF license and that's it. There's no reasoning asked, no oversight of the quality of the RP'er, nothing. This makes it that some illegal roleplayers resort to PF abuse in order to supply themselves and their faction with weapons, since it's just far more easier than going out there and forging the connections necessary. The PF system should undergo a deep rework, much like the supplier roles and the illegal factions.

This being said, I have some suggestions to improve the supplier roles. Mind you, these are personal suggestions, and should be taken as such:

Increase the number of suppliers: Increasing the number of suppliers would help bring the gun economy into a more healthy state, it would push for more creation of IC connections, and it would allow a more even spread of resources to the server's factions as whole. This doesn't mean IFM should just overlook the quality of the factions and their respective applications, but it means providing more leniency and transparency in the process.

Closely Monitoring Deals: IFM needs to be proactive, instead of reactive. We can't have ban waves because a leak of OOC dealings came out, when IFM could actively oversee deals and ensure no rules are broken. Does it mean more workload? Yes, but the reward makes up for it. Ensuring that the deals are legit will push for more players to resort to RP'ing instead of just shooting a Discord message to his buddy asking for 4 AK's.

Push for creativity: I'd like to see IFM push for more creative roleplay, rather than the standard "XXX gave XXX to XXX". How are these supplies arriving to San Andreas? What crazy way has faction X found to dodge the ATF/DEA/FBI in their quest to be supplied with guns/drugs/whatever? Mind you, this does not only apply to suppliers, but Illegal roleplay in general. We need some of these OOC hoops to be removed in order to push for more creative, interesting and unique Illegal roleplay. One example of this is white collar crime being extremely hard to pull off due to LFM's "Zero Corruption Rule" in most factions they oversee.


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I think the tier system is good, but... Give factions an option to pick from: Guns or Drugs or a mix.

There are factions that revolve mostly around drugs, and they'd want to be big players and same thing goes with other factions, they might revolve their trade around guns more. 

Let's say there's 4 tiers for drugs:            Let's say there's 4 tiers for guns:                                                                                                            

1. 250g of their choice                               1. 4 guns a month: restricted to small weapons such as pistols.

2. 500g of their choice                               2. 6 guns a month: restricted to small weapons such as pistols and shotguns.

3. 1000g of their choice                            3. 9 guns a month: restricted to small weapons above and automatic pistols/uzi and 1 big automatic. + 2 kevlar 

4. 2000g of their choice                             4. 12 guns a month can include any weapon from above and 2 big automatics of their choice. + 4 kevlar


Numbers and weapons are subject to be changed. There could be a list of special items such as Deagles, Kevlar and be distributed through max tiers.

I don't have exact statistics of the gun flow on the server but everyone's complaining about the OOC deals and scarcity. People tend to die and lose guns to different circumstances. People displaying poor roleplay and DM behavior should be punished OOCLY and that shouldn't be an impediment to the IC illegal scene.


A faction could rank up 4 tiers of their choice: they can choose to level up their tiers to level 1 Drugs and reach level 3 for Guns - or maybe they want to do level 2 Drugs and level 2 Guns so they get more versatility, but end up being the best at nothing. If factions decide to go all in for guns, tier 4 - they'll have no drugs, so they reach out to people to get pipelines going on. Same thing goes for factions that revolve around drugs, they got the product and maybe they don't really need more than a couple of pistols, and could reach out to others. 


The tier system can offer more than just guns/drugs as mentioned in the original post. I think this gives faction the best versatility they can have. Maybe step out of the max 4 tiers of their choice, and hand out a 5th to a really old, quality and well established factions.

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Mexican DTOs need to be the top down distributors of drugs on the server. Those types of groups should get the most drugs because of their concept. It will give an incentive for people to role play them if they're interested in moving dope. That way we can simulate the drug game being ran by Mexicans instead of seeing the city being ran by random Italians/Albanians/Polish/Irish/Greeks/Serbians/Latvians. This is the type of shit I'd be most interested to see in-game if we want to pretend we're in Los Angeles.

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This would be a negative change, what did you expect the answer to be to "YOU GUYS WANT SOME FREE STUFF????" Getting a set amount of free goodies depending on how long your faction has been around is very counter productive. It focuses on faction progression rather than character progression, and discourages factions interacting to network in an IC manner. 

What you'll end up seeing is faction leaders getting desperate, and instead of attempting to maintain some quality control and vetting members properly, lower their standards greatly and attempt to string along their factions with a poor standard. All for the sweet sweet 6 guns and 300g of cocaine. This will add a shit ton of work for IFM, and seeing as they're already struggling with their workload as is, it's just not feasible. 

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I want to add something to the general discussion here. I see people saying getting 10 guns a MONTH is a lot and you could be roleplaying getting connections and guns from other factions? What other faction? The faction I play with, we are 10-15 active guys? If I get 10 guns a month, it'll take me 1,5 months to supply my own... where is the possibility to supply others? Those numbers are a joke. I saw people mentioning ls-rp and yea, it wasnt that good but we can meet somewhere in the middle. Ls rp had 6-8 illegal factions as official, with warehouse access ranging from 200 to 600 (being the max) which they max out in 4-6 months of keeeping said fac active. Do the math, its 3600 to 4800 of guns spawned monthly. I don't say that they were spawning that many, but it was still a lot more than 10? Scarcity doesnt resolve much, Tier3 facs should get atleast 15 guns weekly, not months, otherwise is a joke, mallrat pf holders could lose and rebuy 15 guns like its nothing.

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