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A section in which we can expose our faction ideas to bring people on board.

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good idea, i see this like a "looking for" section but for rp, for either


- players looking for others to get in and collaborate on their group rp idea

- players looking for a specific kind of rp group that would fit their character well

- groups looking for a certain type of character for their group if they feel someone/something is missing

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i mean it makes sense. Most people who constantly make factions just recycle the same OOC people over and over again. Something like this to bring fresh blood in on a fresh project would help revive peoples ideas for those who don't have a huge OOC friend group to constantly make things with. 

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Supporting. Considering how most factions start off through OOC connections and cliques, I think that simply allowing an open forum might shake things up in not seeing the same stable of leaders going through a revolving door of factions with similar core groups of people.

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I'd love to be able to find like-minded people to start a concept when there is lack to do so through natural in-character interactions. I've had a pharmacy and after over half a year of essentially running it as a one man show, had to abandon it. The concept was made for a bigger image and in it's core, would enable a lot of interactions between people, specifically employees at the pharmacy, but at the time barely anyone was interested in investing time and efforts into the concept, making it ultimately a failure.

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