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SAMP based on new trilogy edition


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1 hour ago, Snoof said:

To each their own I guess. Just seems like a lot of effort to uproot from RageMP or old SAMP to start over again on what as far as I can tell is just kinda GTA SA again with a built-in ENB.

yeah that's exactly what it is. I for one would go back and give it a shot if they would finish it. 

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Having been a diehard SAMP player in the past, I believe it would be cool, but I doubt it's ever going to get a rise in popularity as it did in the heyday of SAMP, alongside the fact that if anybody is going to contribute serious effort onto a roleplay server they're more likely to do it on a client such as RAGEMP 😧

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I spent roughly 13 years on SAMP.


It was an absolutely amazing thing when it first came out, however, I believe it has served its course, and we should best lay it to rest and remember it in its glory days.


While the DE is cool for nostalgia, especially introducing the trilogy to newer fans, I believe energy and efforts should be focused toward the HD universe in terms of multiplayer.



though.. I always dreamed of a Vice City RP server.

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