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SAMP based on new trilogy edition


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4 minutes ago, Jorgensen said:

Honestly, I think the GTA Triology is okay to play for nostalgia. But, I don't think a multiplayer mod will ever take off again like SAMP did on the platform. RageMP is the 'new' thing nowadays.

I agree with this.


I really think SAMP lost its player base and to rebuild it would take years, that is if a community wishes to set up an RP server. With all that being said GTA:5 and RAGEMP is the new SAMP, why would anyone want to play on subpar graphics when we've got alternates readily available. 


Cool idea but dont think it'll go anywhere. 

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7 hours ago, Cantafford said:

idk same as why people went back to wow classic when they have retail. some just prefer the older version. their discord already has 7k people

To each their own I guess. Just seems like a lot of effort to uproot from RageMP or old SAMP to start over again on what as far as I can tell is just kinda GTA SA again with a built-in ENB.

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