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[Gruppe 6] Official Press Release: Gruppe 6 CEO Clifford Hunter & personnel took a part in a blood donation event


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Gruppe 6 Corporate Security
Official Press Release


Gruppe 6 is a security company within the State of San Andreas. Gruppe 6 aims at providing a wide range of security services. Gruppe 6 is the most advanced, experienced and longest lasting security service provider in San Andreas. All of our guards have passed an exhaustive hiring process, complete with interviews, background checks and drug testing, and received comprehensive training to ensure that they can provide you with security services of the highest quality.


On 11th December 2021, at 9 pm, Gruppe 6 CEO Clifford Hunter, together with several of his employees, have yet again shown their humanitarian commitment, participating in a noble cause as a healthy example for the youth. Gruppe 6's personnel participated in LSFD's blood donation event in Sandy Shores.




Elise Reyna, LSFD's Public Information Officer: "The event was hosted as a way of generating interest to the public for gathering as much blood as possible in as little time as possible. All the blood will be donated to the local hospital here in Sandy Shores as well as down to PHMC."



Chief Executive Officer Clifford Hunter


Clifford Hunter, Gruppe 6's CEO: "We all donated in order to help the people in need. This is something we do as members of this society, helping each other out."


Gruppe 6 applauds the event and the team is looking forward to many more events where all of us together can help the people in need. 





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Name: Jenni W
Email: [email protected]
Comment: Imagine having such bad press that you have to boast about donating blood at a blood drive. You have no idea how much worse this "press release" has made you look. You dont go arounding and freaking boast that you did a good thing. You just freaking do it and shut up. 



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Name: cheesecakefactory
Email: [email protected]
Comment: g6 is literally the worst of the worse lmfao. shooting an unarmed teenager for riding his bike, shooting an unarmed man for a fist fight, trying to pull people over & run over a teenager for throwing a rock at you and chasing and trying to ram an unarmed teenage girl for tresspassing? yall are a fucking joke, honestly. the only people that work for yall are people that cant get into ANY law enforcement department, bunch of wannabe cops, thatss all you are. #cancelgruppe6

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