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Christmas 2021 Event


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Christmas 2021 Event


First and foremost, we'd like to wish you all happy holidays! And we hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe throughout these times.


This year, the event is going to require a lot of creativity - and it's going to be a Christmas-Themed Furnishing Competition!



Colourful Cute Minimalistic Christmas Presents Logo (3).png



Colourful Cute Minimalistic Christmas Presents Logo (1).gifHow's it going to work?


We have created a dedicated forum for the competition's submissions, in which you'll be able to post screenshots of your design for the competition. The forum is going to be public from day 1.


Click here to access the submissions forum


The submissions will close on the evening of the 26th of December and you will have the option to vote for your favorite interior. The final choice of the winners will be made based on your votes as well as the administration team's votes, to maintain a fair process (e.g.: a popular faction leader asking his members to mass-vote). The design must be made on GTA World server.


Voting will remain open for a week, until evening of 3rd of January 2022.


The goal of the event is to bring some Christmas theme houses inside the game for everyone to enjoy (outside & inside furnitures).


Colourful Cute Minimalistic Christmas Presents Logo (3).png



Can I submit more than one design?Colourful Cute Minimalistic Christmas Presents Logo.png


You can submit only one design for this competition.


What are the prizes?


  • The first spot winner will get 500 World Points.
  • The second spot winner will get 350 World Points.
  • The third spot winner will get 150 World Points.
  • The forth spot winner will get 100 World Points.
  • The fifth spot winner will get 50 World Points.



Colourful Cute Minimalistic Christmas Presents Logo (3).png



Good luck & Happy Holidays!

Colourful Cute Minimalistic Christmas Presents Logo (4).png

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