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Baiting robberies from ads needs a clarification at this point

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§ 204. COMMERCIAL GAMBLING — (a) The State of San Andreas recognizes “Commercial Gambling,” as any activity or operation where betting upon the final results of a contest, game or anything involving dice or cards to win money is the established goal.

(b) The State of San Andreas declares “Commercial Gambling,” as a lawful activity within the borders of the State of San Andreas, with a permit accepted by the San Andreas Gaming Commission.



All backroom poker games are illegal under the GAMING Act, unless you have a permit.



§ 402. CRIMINAL LIABILITY — (a) All gambling establishments or operations licensed in the State of San Andreas, are under criminal liability under the following circumstances;
  • (i) Having established connections or bonafide business contracts with organized crime elements identified by law enforcement, and thus may be classified as a criminal enterprise.

(b) All gambling establishments or operations unlicensed in the State of San Andreas, are under criminal liability as per San Andreas Penal Code statute, Title II. 215. Fraud.


The reported party was posting a fraudulant ad, done deal.

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Play legal poker in a casino or hire muscle / security for your illegal games. It’s not the robbers responsibility to help people save money just because they posted an ad.


In real life if you post a craigs list ad and go somewhere there’s a good chance you may get robbed. 

It happens all the time.


The people who get robbed at poker games have two fair solutions which are pretty simple to understand.


Solution 1 - Go to legal casinos where you’re not breaking the law


Solution 2 - Go to a game hosted by a trusted person who hires security. I know people IC who offer their security services for these kind of games and it creates them a lot of Rp. You will never get robbed with the right muscle at a game.


Don’t try limit illegal Rpers once again because you or whoever took an L.



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27 minutes ago, GambloTwitch said:

Uh... I've never tried to put the personal issues inside this thread, ever.


You literally did exactly that given the fact you brought up an on-going report between your faction and Martorano. You couldn't have publicly made it any more personal if you tried.


27 minutes ago, GambloTwitch said:

This is all about the rule clarification. I cannot use any other example because it's your faction that performs these kind of robberies over and over again.


And they will probably continue to do so because, once again, there's nothing in the rules that cites you cannot.


Imagine a world where you could promote your illegal backroom poker games via a legal ad system without any IC consequence because you're protected by the rulebook; the great thing about that is, you can't.


This need for "clarification" is just baffling to me.


25 minutes ago, GambloTwitch said:

Well, you guys keep on talking about realism and real life, you don't understand there are rules. IRL you can rob on a motorbike too, here you can't.

If we can perform something IRL doesn't mean you can do that in here.


Not gonna respond anymore, waiting for an admin to clarify this rule. You guys simply cannot understand at this point and, according to the bolded text, you like to violate the rules on purpose too.


The only party who's breaking any rules here is the party that are actively posting advertisements promoting their illegal activity.


And to quote the rulebook:

The advertisement system is there to assist in the creation of roleplay, and assist in the trade of assets and services. Illegal advertisements are not allowed even if the intent behind them is hidden or attempted to be hidden IC.


Poker players, whatever way you want to word your advertisement, misleading individuals willingly into illegal activity, per the ruling, is against the rules.


What I will say is I think that the above rule needs clarification, given that there's several businesses that offer under-the-table, back-room services and/or house parties that are used as a way and means for drug dealers to sell drugs.


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Posting an ad of wanting an illegal poker game is literally the same as posting an ad asking for a gun dealer. They're illegal, they shouldn't be posted from the first place but since you decided to make such an ad, then you should handle the consequences as well. I don't feel like sliding someone inside of the illegal poker game to be a scout is something unrealistic, since it literally does happen IRL. 

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5 minutes ago, Sciandra said:

Imagine a world where people taking part in illegal poker games are not happy about more illegal things taking place in these illegal poker games.


It’s a crazy world eh


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we should require permission for mean words as well, as when i was scammed for $100000000000000000 for using an ad saying "IM PLAYING POKER WITH LOTS OF MONEY IN A SHITHOLE APARTMENT WITH NO SECURITY LOOKING FOR PLAYERS" they called me a dickhole IC and that hurt my ooc feelings 😞
this needs a rule change too, no more mean words :(((

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Pillsbury went through this a few days ago.


You can rob someone through an advert, but you CAN'T rob someone through your own advert.


Not sure why people are angry because they're stupid enough to advertise a highstake poker game through the /ad system, and then get their shit snatched.


14 minutes ago, sh4dw said:

TL;DR: Read the rules, grow up and stop crying everytime something doesn't go your way.


You wouldn't advertise a back room poker game in real life, would you now? I wouldn't advertise a poker game on craigslist IRL because I know something shady is gonna happen, I'd play in an actual casino, like a smart man.


All this crying is getting a bit tedious!

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