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Professional Photography and the Adult industry at its best!
COUCH CREEPS is Los Santos' finest adult entertainment studio, voted best for local online entertainment since January 2020. Impressive and daring girls that will churn and turn your stomach with the nastiest and most daring acts. We offer the finest amenities for our staff and have competitive wages and a great benefits! In order to ensure the best for our company and our viewers we only offer the best of quality, ranging from 4K to 1080p operated cameras and video footage.  We have almost every single niche ready for display, what ever you're into... you'll find it here.

From the streets to fame
Hot amateur girls seeking rare opportunity to star in a film in hopes of making it big. What they didn't expect was to be stripping down naked, spreading their legs for a the entertainment of millions! Is this really what an audition entails?! No but these horny fresh-faced babes don't need to know that!

Staff Room

Front Desk - Photo Lounge.

Waiting Room

Casting / Film Room


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Contact Personals
For more inquiries  on business and or careers please email [[email protected]] - (( Forum - RUM ))
or call 548-7078, serious inquiries only.

Prices will be listed per video and magazine issue.

[[ To buy any video please contact @Rum with the desired clip you wish to buy and send a screenshot of the money transferred to one Jacob Barbieri ]]

 [[ To buy any subscription to a magazine / pornographic magazine please send a screenshot of the money transferred to one  Jacob Barbieri to username / forum handle - @Rum]]


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: Vixen Verity
Niche: Model
Model: #1
Hair: Platinum Blonde / Dyed Vibrant White

Weight: 178 Pounds
Height: 5'9" Feet
Age: 25
Eyes: Sky Blue
[ Soon to be in COUCH-CREEPS latest magazine "ASS ASSEMBLE" only for subscribers. ]


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Model: Morgan Mantello
Niche: Porn - Rough, Anal, BDSM, Gang-bangs.
Model: #2
Hair: Brunette

Weight: 162 Pounds
Height: 5'3" Feet
Age: 21
Eyes: Green Blue
[ Starring her first debut in the Teaser "Anal Able" with Magic Mark . ]

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Model: Mark Spinello
Niche: Porn - Rough, BDSM, Ect.
Model: #3
Hair: Blonde
Weight: 180 Pounds
Height: 6'0" Feet
Age: 28
Eyes: Baby Blue
[ Starring his first debut in the Teaser "Anal Able" with Morgan Manners. ]

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TONIGHT. Magic Mark and Morgan Manner make their debut in their first anal-scene ever:
" Teaser - Anal Able "
December 10, 2021 - Rough and Ready!

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Model: Lady Lola
Niche: Porn - Deep Throat, Anal, Clit Play, BDSM
Model: #4
Hair: Brunette

Weight: 180 Pounds
Height: 5'8" Feet
Age: 29
Eyes: Light Blue
[ Starring her first debut in  "ASS-ASSASSINS" with Magic Mark and Miles Styles . ]

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