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[LSRN] Port Authority Checkpoint In Front Of Your Toilet


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3 hours ago, TommyX said:

Username: User753
Comment: Wait... isn't SAPR park rangers?!??

Username: LSRN Redaction

Comment: Greetings and thank you for your comment! We wished to confirm that SARP is indeed the port authority. As the name implies: San Andreas Port AuthoRity. Best regards,

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31 minutes ago, joshua said:

Username: FreeEagle

Comment: Are you having stupid or something? It's SAPR. San Andreas Port AuthoRity. Did you even go to high school? Fag.


Username; Toiletgangexmember


Comment: Dumbo


San Andreas Port Authority

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30 minutes ago, L I C E said:

Username: womanhater71
Comment: i drowned my wife in the toilet right after i'd taken a shit (didn't even flush) and the port authority still haven't apprehended me. god i hate women.


Username: expired

Comment: mexican racist

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