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Reduce excessive Facebrowser post deletion/account banning


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Over the course of the past few months, there has been a lot of trigger happy deletion of Facebrowser posts and at times, full FB account bans for content posted on Facebrowser. This is a platform-wide thing, and while deletions/a ban has not happened to my account, it frequently happens to users across Facebrowser. From various discussions between active FB users across different Discords and DMs, there's a consensus that it's detracting from the overall experience and making the site overall more boring.


Mainly, there are two demographics that get impacted frequently by this, 1) humour/funny/troll accounts and 2) gang characters. In the first case, sometimes FB shitposts are seen as too inappropriate/offensive/whatever else for the platform, and the posts get deleted, or in some cases, lead to the FB account being banned.


In the case of gang characters, they can sometimes post images of guns/drugs and end up getting platform banned for doing so. While it can be justified for a social media platform to want to remove illegal content from their platform, these sort of posts do happen a lot IRL (e.g. social media is heavily used for drug dealing nowadays), and social media companies are not always good at effectively moderating their content. Besides this, leaving these posts up ICly being the norm would mean that gang characters who end up self-snitching on social media end up seeing IC consequences for it - whatever they post online can be used in both police investigtions and in court, just like what happens in reality.


As an example of what has warranted FB accounts being banned recently:

1) One user posted a picture of a SAMP model saying they found a picture of themselves when they were younger, leading to a ban:




2) An FB user who's existed for months posted a picture of a monkey without censoring what is censored below, leading to an immediate ban:




3) A recurring troll account, Womanhater, frequently has to remake accounts because they end up getting banned after a few days of making a new account. For the most part what they post seems like a fairly tame parody of sexism which is done by an IC female character hiding behind the account:




Besides types of users who get moderated, drama is not always allowed to play out ICly on Facebrowser. At times when users argue over statuses, their statuses end up being deleted and whatever argument was happening isn't allowed to go down. This combined with above leads to FB becoming pretty uneventful, ending up with mostly just photos and fairly "safe" content.


Moderation usually ends up being fairly inconsistent, too. At times users can repost something nearly a dozen times and only receive deletions, and at other times a user posting something once or twice can lead to them being banned off the platform. Users who are banned can lose accounts that are several months old and the process of appealing is also fairly unclear. In cases where bans are warranted, it may be beneficial to apply temp bans, and if this is not supported in the site itself, using something like Google Sheets to keep track of bans, like how Property Management/other admin teams keep track of things with similar tools.


In general, FB moderation at times feels too excessive and unnecessary. It would be nice to allow a lot more content to play out ICly and not moderate it as much at an OOC level.


TL;DR: reduce frequency of post deletion for 1) shitposts and 2) IC illegal activity + moderate drama/arguments less frequently + ban Facebrowser accounts less often.

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No thankyou, it's already full of shit posts as it is. If you post illegal shit IC, expect it to get yeeted IC if not for RPQ reasons. If people can't follow some simple rules in order to enjoy the site that's their problem. There's no reason to allow the experience of others to be a misery everytime they log in, shitposting is one thing but catfish, troll and sex accounts are quite another thing. You don't need to be a complete dick to everyone all the time to have fun (not saying you are of course).

When there's no moderation, people complain about all the gun, ethug and troll accounts but when it's clamped down on people still complain. Can't win lol

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free the homie with the samp picture

People post menyoos of their ass hanging out and their genitals flopping all over and get away with a deletion but when someone posts a picture of a SAMP character it's an immediate ban. I know we wanted stricter moderation but deleting and then banning over a SAMP picture is just stupid lmao. Last I checked guns were against the rules of the website but none of the things posted above in the examples are falling under any of the contents prohibited on the website. I understand that common courtesy and sense should be applied, but even then, I find it difficult to see any issues.



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hol up, did that guy create the doomguy in gta 5, absolute legend.


Also im ngl, as a "serious char" the amount of times I scroll through and see shit posts and end up laughing my ass off is too many times. Like people can post screenshots of their "victims" half dead on a floor having been shot or whatever else, but a monke gets someone banned,

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FB moderation follow no set in stone rules, they just delete if they think it's removal worthy, and that's dependent on who looks at the report, as FB has multiple FB mods 😄
So everyone looks at things differently, I bet half of FB reports are people reporting a lil cleavage, some dudes that flex guns (( IC issue )) and bullying. 

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