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Seoul Family Gang


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The Seoul Family Gang or Seoul Money Gang (SMG) Boyz is one of the newer Asian cliques to come out of the Little Seoul neighborhood. It's primarily made up of those with Chinese and Vietnamese backgrounds with a smaller Korean and Japanese presence. It's rumored to have began in the mid-2010s: teenagers that attended the local high schools first running as the Vespucci Boyz before later transitioning into the Seoul Family Gang in 2019 as they began to gain in numbers and criminal consciousness. The clique has almost never prioritized gang banging as much as they have financial gain. Like many other Little Seoul street gangs with Asian backgrounds, they don't claim a single street: they consider the entire neighborhood their domain. 


Investigators claim that the Seoul Family Gang are partially to blame for the influx of narcotics and violence in the Little Seoul neighborhood. Additionally, a shooting was documented on December 15, 2021, where a woman was left in critical condition on Ginger Street outside of the Sunset Apartments building. Locals were unwilling to speak on the matter but an unnamed passerby claimed that the incident happened over a fist fight that transitioned into an attempted stabbing. Rumor has it that this violent act was an attempt at self-gentrification. The Los Santos Police Department have yet to make an arrest but bear suspicion on the outfit.



We aim to portray a realistic Asian American gang operating in the Little Seoul area. While it's implied that the majority of the gang are Chinese and Vietnamese, we accept all East Asian characters. Newcomers should create their character somewhere between their mid-teens and early twenties. The goal of the group is to enrich and break the current norms of Asian American roleplay in the server. It is therefore heavily development-oriented and aims to capture the true essence of Asian Americans by veering away from the heavily sterilized take that the scene has been hindered by. With this said, we do not want run-of-the-mill gangbangers. We hope to incorporate a wide cast of characters: whether it may be loosely affiliated friends and girlfriends or, ultimately, hardened criminals serving time behind bars. Feel free to check us out and ask questions: https://discord.gg/qEk6hucBWd


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Participants of the Seoul Family Gang wish to bring forth a realistic homegrown Asian clique based in the Little Seoul district. We've drawn inspiration from dozens of West Coast based Asian street gangs and put it into one little project. This clique is meant to be very money oriented and the characters surrounding it are meant to showcase the lifestyle around it. We're accepting of most character concepts and are willing to guide you in the right direction and support you in whatever route you wish to take for your character, so long as it fits what we intend to portray.


If you have any questions or concerns then please allow the following to assist you via private message.


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