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If we can't have actual snowy terrain, why can't we just use the snow weather?

Having only the snow weather fixes a lot of issues. Driving won't be affected. Interiors won't be all white and messed up. And being a weather option, it should be easily toggleable in interiors anyways.


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10 hours ago, mj2002 said:

I'm also worried about the effect of map changes. Would that not interfere with the snow map?

The props would be textured along with any other snow props, which is why snow shows up in interiors! So as long as they have snow textures (which most do) it'd be fine.

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1 hour ago, Ronnie two poles said:

Only for December, that is it. 


GTA:W is not London. 

Ironically enough snowfall in England is normally pretty shallow and it's rare it ever settles for long amounts of time, you'd have a more realistic portrayal of the entire state of California if you mimicked London's weather apposed to make-believe Los Santos so I'm really not sure which way people want it.

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