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The Mixing House


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About us

The Mixing House is a bar and lounge located in the upper-class strip of Del Perro. Established in 2021 by Chip Cooper, it prides itself in the quality of service it offers, along with the ability to offer its guests a chic, exquisite, truly premium experience. The lounge's specialty are custom, in-house cocktails, although a larger range of alcohol and spirits are being served on the bar. The music choice, lighting and interior design all come together in a perfectly balanced manner, making The Mixing House for the most appropriate for a dose of relaxation.



Our Products

The Mixing House is the best choice for a fun, relaxing night in an immersive and premium environment. However, on top of our base services, we also make the absolute best  pre-mixed cocktails in Los Santos. Refresh yourself with a Blueberry Mojito, a Peach Margarita, or one of the many other choices. Visit our lounge or contact us directly to order some for yourself! 


We are hiring bartenders!

The Mixing House is always looking to expand its team! Whether you're interested in becoming a bartender and have no experience or are already a mixing-master, our doors are open. More information and training will be provided, along with a competitive salary, an amazing work environment and becoming part of the TMH family. In order to apply, click the link below and fill in the format. Good luck!











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The Mixing House aims to portray a realistic business, specifically a bar & lounge, founded and operating in Los Santos, San Andreas. We are setting ourselves apart by putting a special emphasis on character development and priding ourselves with a one-of-a-kind attention to detail. Our goal is to create a social hub for legal and illegal role-players alike, whether they are employees or customers.


If you would like to join us and develop your character as a bartender, please do so. As we expand, our plan is to open up a much wider range of positions for both employees, contractors and other businesses in order for us to portray a realistic business as we are constantly dealing with the everyday, sometimes mundane, tasks, chores and issues. We are not looking to portray a business that falls on either side extreme, but rather a normal business you would find in modern-day Los Angeles.


For any questions, I am available on Discord at Mahitto#3748.

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