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[LS Tribune] Jamestown Projects enjoys an unusual quiet after Varrio Rancho 13 goes dark


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Jamestown Projects enjoys an unusual quiet after Varrio Rancho 13 goes dark

Targeted action by local law enforcement brings what seems like an end to one of Los Santos’ most dangerous street gangs. Is this a turning point in the city’s war against gang crime?







LOS SANTOS - In the parking lot of Jamestown Projects, detectives from the LSSD’s Operation Safe Streets detail reflected on what was described as “years of campaigning” as one of Los Santos’ oldest and largest street gangs, Varrio Rancho 13 (often referred to as VR-13), appears to have finally caved under the pressure piled on by local law enforcement.


Once the largest sureño gang in Los Santos, the street gang which once originated from the Jamestown Projects has recently been severely hampered through an effort which according to detectives has included “back to back arrests' ' targeting key leadership figures.


“We've been applying the pressure, been going after their leadership, had a few CI's [Confidential Informants] relaying information our way” - Det. Leroy Miles, LSSD OSS



The now, seemingly empty Jamestown Projects


VR-13’s impact on both the local community in Rancho and further afield (both city and state-wide) is hard to summarise. Like most gangs in the area, activities included drug pushing, prostitution and involvement in robberies.


Regular confrontations with rival groups, including other street-gangs such as the Rolling 90s Neighbourhood Crips, the Segundo Village Swan Bloods have often been bloody, violent and visible on social media platforms.  



"Naybahood Rulettes & Swanettes packing the FUCK out they enemigos, Rancheras. Left that bitch out COLD." - HoodTapez, Facebrowser


High profile incidents have included involvement in the last year’s death of fifteen year old Nancy Rosales, who according to court documents was “a confidential informant for the Sheriff’s Department”  and was “actively informing on the gang’s structure and leadership, as well as locations of stash houses”. Rosales was believed to be a member of the street-gang and was killed after having been pushed out of a moving vehicle on the I-4. 


In the gang itself, notable members have included Yvette ‘Lenta’ Rocha, leader of the female clique the Frontlike Lokas who was killed in a warehouse shootout with law enforcement earlier this year. She was believed to be involved in the killing of Rosales and originally charged with Capital Murder, but charges were dropped following a plea deal.


Patricio Jiminez was another key player identified by law enforcement: “he had soldiers under him, he recruited everyone in the varrio” commented Sgt. Jonathan Medina. Jiminez was killed this summer during a similar shootout with law enforcement.


Nineteen year old Anthony Ramirez, another member of VR-13, was the last person to be executed in the State of San Andreas before the death penalty was abolished in September. He was sentenced to death by lethal injection after having been found guilty of first-degree murder of a police officer.



Standoff on the Davis side of Roy Lowenstein Boulevard, showing South Los Santos still has its issues


“I can proudly say I put a couple rounds in her myself.” - An anonymous law enforcement officer commenting on the death of Yvette ‘Lenta’ Rocha


But despite passing what seems like a significant milestone, there was little room for celebration, as the struggle to keep Varrio Rancho 13 under control has been a costly one for the department. “We lost our Sergeant to this street gang, believe it or not, it used to be unbelievably dangerous out here”, Det. Leroy Miles said as he somberly reflected on the efforts by the department to hamper the operations of VR-13. “Sergeant Bradley Pulento, may he rest in peace.”


“Thanks to his (Bradley Pulento’s) sacrifice, people can now walk freely around here without having to look behind their backs.” - Sgt. Jonathan Medina, LSSD OSS



Jamestown Projects residents (faces blurred)


While absence of one of Rancho’s most prominent gangs may provide some temporary respite; in the greater bloody tapestry of gang crime in South Los Santos, it is little more than a temporary lull. 


Even though the Jamestown Projects may now be quiet, law enforcement is under no illusion that this is permanent. It is understood that the “last pockets the Rancho trece” are still active and a resurgence of gang activity in the area is possible. 


Eyes are cautiously locked on a number of other local gangs, with one gang in particular who lost a supply house during drug bust on Capital Blvd earlier this month being labelled as “a petri dish for the next Rancho 13” by law enforcement. 


“I don't know how this will ever end. This gang violence. Hell, I can't tell you if it ends, but where it started? Right here. Rancho, Jamestown.” - Sgt. Jonathan Medina, LSSD OSS





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Comment: fuck 12, fuck patricio, fuck anthony, fuck all them beaner ass niggas and that bitch ass dude bradley, free hood tapez


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Comment: Wow. Leroy Miles is genuinely a figure to admire, I do not think I have ever met another African American police officer or deputy who has matched his splendor, his genius nor his charm. He's my favorite! He deserves a promotion just because he is so suave and genius. God man, I love that guy! 

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