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Gun shows?


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Isn't there like 100 people who already flex their guns making deathmatch videos in GTA W?


Anyway, I don't think this would work. Sure military, police etc could have a show to show off their cars, equipment and all of that, but a gun show with civs there wouldn't really make sense. I've not seen anyone role-playing a proper ancient gun collector either, that'd even be able to display something. Surely a event team held event or something as such would work, but that'd not make sense as well. + all the modding for guns for just one event wouldn't really justify it in the long term.

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On 11/28/2021 at 8:30 AM, KinnyWynny said:

Unless we have a corridor that is labeled “Utah” or “Reno, Nevada” it just wouldn’t be as fun.


I want to circumvent state gun laws and perpetuate a stockpile of firearms that is probably considered a prerequisite to a war crime in other countries.

You forgot the state with the most lenient gun laws in the country sitting right next to California.. good place Arizona.

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On 11/29/2021 at 1:03 AM, Power said:

My concern is not the legality more so executing an invent like this. Been to several gunshows IRL they are massive venues filled with hundreds of guns, gun accessories, weapons etc.  Who would man the booths? There aren't that many variety of weapons to justify an event at the scale of a gun show.


This. It'd be nice role-play but it would absolutely not work. What kind of role-play would you even do at the booths? Who would handle them? Who would visit the event?


Sure, in real-life you can showcase all sorts of unique, cool or rare guns, attachments, all sorts of things but in-game, we only have a few guns with almost no customization and barely any attachments, which also can't be showcased. It's cool in theory, but it would lead to nothing in practice, except for possibly a massive shootout. 

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Something close to a gun show was an idea of doing a gun-buy-back program. I'm from PD's Community Engagement Division and it was something of mine I wanted to host over a year ago but I fear an unsuccessful turnout because guns are the equivalent to gold in this community and nobody wants to get rid of them, unless the weapons are bought at a STUPID-overpriced amount, but then again, illegal RPers can just take that cash, purchase another gun with it and have extra profits sitting aside.


(I know this thread is old but I'm interested in gathering potential suggestions on this)

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