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[HIRING] Auto Exotic Repairs ⚙️ - Hiring Trainees and Supervisors!


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Auto Exotic is an auto repair shop located in Elgin Avenue, Hawick. Our aim is to provide premier services at an affordable cost to encourage you to enjoy your vehicle for what it was designed for, no more should you worry about pushing your engine too far.




arrow.png Experienced Mechanics - AVAILABLE

arrow.png Mechanic Supervisors - 2 POSITIONS AVAILABLE

arrow.png Clerks - UNAVAILABLE
arrow.png Trainees - AVAILABLE 







arrow.png Experienced Technician - 20% of Orders

Atleast 18 years of age.

• Mechanical experience, previous employement in an auto shop is not mandatory.

• Ability to work and communicate with a team.






arrow.png Mechanic Supervisors - 10% of Garage Profits + 20% of Orders

Atleast 21 years of age.

• Ability to work, communicate and organize a team of mechanics to maximize work efficiency.

((Gold or Platinum Donator))


blue_diamond.png  Mechanic supervisors are expected to demonstrate significant mechanical knowledge, exceptional work ethic and passion for cars, thus, positions are limited, interviews take much longer and involve more work and effort to pass compared to an interview for a mechanic position.





arrow.png Clerk - $5,000/h

Atleast 18 years of age.

Friendly and welcoming.

• Ability to communicate orders to mechanics properly.









arrow.png Advertiser - $6,000/h

Atleast 23 years of age.

• Bachelor's degree in marketing and advertising.

• Ability to do market research.

Ability to gauge the market and create effective marketing campaigns.

((Access to /bad ))





arrow.png Trainees

Atleast 18 years of age.

• Willingness to learn.

• Patience and passion about cars.

blue_diamond.png  Trainees are not required to have mechanical knowledge beforehand. We also guarantee a job at the garage upon completion of the training course.




arrow.png A friendly work environment.

arrow.png Rewards and bonuses for the top performers.

arrow.png Ability to work on your own vehicle.

arrow.png Access to the garage's vehicles.

arrow.png Training





If you are interested in a position and meet the requirements, fill in this application and email it to [email protected] (( @Supernova ))






Job Position:

Phone number:

Previous experiences:

Short background about yourself:
((Discord: ANSWER))
((Donator Status:ANSWER))




(( IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be passionate about vehicles, this is not a job for those looking to make a lot of money fast. ))

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