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Your favorite RP scene you've been in and why?


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On 12/4/2021 at 2:33 AM, Sniper said:

It was the cold autumn night of the 7th October and we were resting by the fireplace, my hands laid on Cindy Quartz' supple bosom [Staff Management Notice: The rest of this comment has been censored for the protection of the community and we have issued 1 Warning Point to the person responsible]

 What the fuck? Haha.....???

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On 12/4/2021 at 1:05 PM, Mooseicles said:

Paid a 24/7 employee close to $200 in $1 bills and watched them have a meltdown. Good times.

The next day, the total was over a hundred...

Paid in QUARTERS!!!!!!!!! Zach Luna saved me from that, fortunately!


The other notable accounts, a Vietnam War veteran trashing up the store, calling my character all kind of slurs - waltzing on over to a car outside assuming it was hers, and tried busting it up by hopping atop the hood. He fell and hurt his back, tried to wobble after my character, and eventually giving up and driving off, not before leaving her with a final epithet or two! The next, a drug-addict waddling in everyday, paying in quarters and $1's, and remarking about stealing a television to watch the Superbowl. Not to mention, always looking although he had a meeting with God in an hour!


Vespucci 24/7 is a colorful place to be!

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