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Your favorite RP scene you've been in and why?


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Playing a homeless junkie in mirror park, getting an innocent mallrat to drive me to Davis to buy heroin and ALMOST getting them to shoot up with me. Bravo to whoever that player was for going with the RP. Damn her ricer friends for coming in to save her from a life of drugs and despair at the last moment.

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It was the cold autumn night of the 7th October and we were resting by the fireplace, my hands laid on Cindy Quartz' supple bosom [Staff Management Notice: The rest of this comment has been censored for the protection of the community and we have issued 1 Warning Point to the person responsible]

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I was scoping for a target to hit and got into a bike accident, ending up wounded on the ground. Whoever crashed into me was lagging and just speeded off. An SUV pulls over and three ppl step out, one of whom is the target I was trying to hit. He has seen my character before so I thought I was FKed, but I was also masked. He and his friends call an ambulance and help my character out, he fails to recognize my char. I killed him next day.

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