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Map changes


Do you want us to replace the Davis mall with the projects?  

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I'm in the minority in saying that the mall is a cool concept and works well for swap-meets, but just needs a huge remake to make it look realistic when compared to real ones on Google and IRL.


I'm +1 on this but I'd really like the mall to be redone and moved to somewhere else in Davis (if there's a structure that supports it.)

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I'd like a mix of residential/business for the Davis mall area instead. 

Mirror park houses being finished should be just like just all the other houses that are pending construction. 
Both are not absolutely needed though because the bigger problem is there's not enough houses in the county and a lot of what there is are run down dumps that're overpriced by the greedy. 

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Replacing the Davis Mall could bring some new and really good roleplay to the server. I love the idea and new areas for gang roleplay is needed since it's all on top of each other. With gangs literally having wars over a alley.


Support on both.

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On 11/24/2021 at 4:39 AM, Shagglehod said:

Incidentally if we do remove the Davis mall, I'd like to see Rockford Plaza get some mapping. Malls offer a decent amount of RP opportunities and endless business opportunities.

This. All the shops in the Davis Mall are locked as well; meaning you can't do anything inside the mall if you wanted to.

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On 11/24/2021 at 8:41 AM, KingstonThaIII said:

Leave the Davis Mall as is. Change the unfinished houses in Mirror Park though. More houses are welcome.

At least change the interior, it looks so weird.

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Davis Mall is so useless, never seen anyone roleplaying in it. On the other hand the complex could bring a nice refresh to the map (as long as it doesn't create lag or such). I'm +1 with both, would be really nice to see them both on the server.


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