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Map changes


Do you want us to replace the Davis mall with the projects?  

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If for both if there is no performance impact on performance for players. Both would be ABSOLUTELY amazing to have dont get me wrong. But is the amazing worth the performance hit? Probs not.


Yes if no performance hit happens.

No if players are going to have performance problems.

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yes, there's way too little space for gangs rn. people complaining saying the davis mall is 'iconic' and adds immersion, id rather lose that small amount of immersion than to have all the gangs on the server cramped into the small space they're in now. 

Also the inside of davis mall looks like a middle class mall for some reason, theres no escalators in it irl its completely off, whoever mapped it 100% didn't take inspiration from the inside of the irl mega mall, idk how people are 'immersed' by this so much that they'd be against replacing it with a beneficial mod.


6 minutes ago, Свето said:

 Same with the Davis projects but for factions, support the existing gang factions.

definently should be faction-only/request based, no unofficial groups should be allowed to set up there when it first gets added.

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On 11/24/2021 at 3:38 AM, Nervous said:

@Oggy has suggested us to review the following map changes : 



I am gathering your opinion about it as these are paid resources, so it would be sad to pay for these to remove it after because people aren't happy 🙂 

Thank god! We needed this change.

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The Davis mall serves absolutely zero purpose. No one uses it and this would be a much better use of space if possible. It could even bring together some rare roleplay of demolishing a building and replacing it with others via construction companies etc. plus it would help with the housing crisis in south central and give it a more authentic feel. 

In regards to mirror park, the houses should be finalized. Once again helping the housing crisis in that area along with providing roleplay through construction means which I bet a lot of LCN would be happy with. 

Obviously I have no clue of the state of the finances for the server. But considering we just donated 50 percent of the Black Friday sales to charity for the amount of 7,000. That’s a whole extra 7,000 ontop of the normal donations per month which I have no clue how much is made and what goes to what. 

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