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Suggestion: Poop script.


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Just now, CaponeTheBrainSnatcha said:

Seriously man? I make a suggestion to try and make the server better and that's how you respond? By making fun of me? What a joke man, I like this server but I feel like it's sometimes VERY unwelcoming. I just think that a poop mod will make the RP better since some people are interested in VERY realistic RP. When I started playing the old server I was def weirded out by the script but it's pretty enjoyable once you try it. I left a link for the mod in the description too so maybe you can try it and change your mind about it. I know it may seem weird but you could at least try to be respectful man, I just feel sad that i'm getting made fun of for a small suggestion.

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Just now, imi said:

Not exactly a... shitty idea if you excuse the pun... but you can just roleplay it in /mes without the need to see poop

I thought about that at first but having the actual poop prop would make it more realistic since you could RP stepping on it and all.

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