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Suggestion: Poop script.


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Detailed Description:   Hello! I've just discovered this server and honestly it looks GREAT. I got tired of those RP servers with mics since they're filled with trolls so I decided to try text RP. In the old I server I used to play in there was this great mod that lets you poop. It could generate either small or big shits. (You can do it anywhere but I think you can modify the script to avoid having shit everywhere by locking the command to interiors that maybe you own not sure) it could add realism and I honestly think it's perfect for the server.



Relevant Commands/Items:  https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/poop-burkiolmi



How will it benefit the server?: Adds a lot of realism since we have to defecate IRL and it could add some RP to the server. For example, you're walking and diarrhea catches you, you can RP being sick and all.

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9 minutes ago, MrGoGetta said:

this needs to be prioritized 

i don't think this should be prioritized since i'm sure there's other things that are more important to add but it would be nice if they added it in the future.

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