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Mechanic Job Killed Mechanic RP

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Since everyone can be a mechanic and abuse this fact they're getting paid for nothing and mod vehicles for themselves without need to call for a mechanic I suggest to fix it.

Players cannot /mod their own vehicles and mechanics nearby them must be in their tow trucks to approve their modding request. Upon approval money being transferred to the mechanic scriptwise. This will solve this terrible-horrible system that destroyed the mechanic's roleplay and players who come in their private cars to "RP" modding somebody's car to get $. I just wonder why am I the only one who bothered to suggest it.


If players can't find any mechanics around for a while, they may request an admin help.

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I like this idea to some degree. However i dobt think your solution is good, i dont want to have to sit in my towtruck. There are times when i have 5 cars at the garage and im talking to people as they script wose mod thier car. 


I think it should be harder to get the mechanic job for sure. You should have to prove to an admin that you are rply a mechanic. 


In terms of people not using RP. I dont think we should stop them, its up to them if they want to rp it or not. But maybe an incentive where having a mechanic do it makes its slightly cheaper. This would have to be coupled with a system where a player can allow a mechanic to mod thier vehicle for them however.

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56 minutes ago, Kill3rkrok said:

But maybe an incentive where having a mechanic do it makes its slightly cheaper.

I agree incentivizing would work better than punishing. A "you can't mod your vehicle" thing wouldn't be too user-friendly, but if a mechanic can do the work for less money, it would DEFINITELY be super interesting for a lot of people. This was put in place on 5RP and being able to get a turbo for 30k instead of 70k meant the mechanics often had quite a lot of requests. 

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Is it not PG for a player to do this on their own without valid mechanic RP?  It's like saying you're healed without ever RPing with an EMT.  I'd just PM the person and ask that they come back and let me RP my thing and take it from there, personally.


Either way, as a mechanic, I'm not a fan of being required to be in a tow truck.  If anything else, perhaps the radius around the blip could be lowered so that a mechanic has to be within X amount of distance for the "Mechanic On Site" function to work.


Also, yes to discounted work (or free work where the mechanic themselves RPly sets the cost of the action requested) if it can be coded in and people can't just go "become a mechanic" willy nilly to abuse the function.

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Ehh, I don't find times where I need a mechanic all the time so maybe that's another reason why. Maybe if there were more reasons for people to go find a mechanic, the roleplay would be there. Maybe adding an inspection and oil system. No oil in the car -> damages car, no inspection -> ticket from LSCS/LSPD.

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