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The Tarano Crew

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OOC Information


The Tarano Crew (formerly known as “The Giordano Crew”) falls under the Martorano crime family and aims to provide GTA World with the best possible portrayal of a La Cosa Nostra (LCN) group in 2021. Those seeking to get involved with us are advised to have a good understanding and grasp of not only LCN as a concept/group/faction idea within the confines of GTA World, but of its real life counterpart, including its history, norms, values, procedures and day to day culture.


Those who do not have the aforementioned are encouraged to do their research before attempting to make contact with us in game. 


We keep our group in character and place heavy emphasis on upholding high roleplay standards, and in doing so inject decades of combined LCN roleplay experience and a unique flavour into our encounters, scenes and dealings. 


OOC complaints/queries of any kind can be directed to my forum PMs and I will answer them as soon as possible or direct them to the person best placed to deal with them in the faction. 


Persons looking to post screenshots on our thread must forum PM me for permission prior to doing so.


Once you agree to join the faction and become a member of the Discord, you will be assigned the Outsider role. Once you’re assigned that role (and any subsequent role) you agree to give The Tarano Crew permission to CK you for any reason deemed applicable within the realms of LCN, which is to be decided by the faction leadership. 


People have been killed for arbitrary reasons in LCN many times in the past and we will not accept players that refuse to consider this or are unhappy about it. 

The Tarano Crew also insist that your character that is in our faction be the only LCN/mob character you use. It would be unacceptable for you to have a character in several LCN/mobs, due to the amount of time involved in crafting an authentic LCN character and due to the nature of inter-operability between LCN factions on GTA World.


If you have any questions about the above prior to joining, PM me. 

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