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[4RENT] 2234 Bay City Avenue | HOUSE in Vespucci

Paul Sarino

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Weekly: $30.700 ($25.700 if paid cash)

Monthly: $120.700 (No cash)


A recently renovated standalone house is now available for rent in Vespucci. The spacious and modern design of the finishes is complimented by timeless furniture and great views all around. The property comes with a fenced backyard and two gates. Both the front and back door have a porch.




In short:

- Spacious interior design, fully furnished

- Two bedrooms, one bath

- Fenced backyard with double access

- Backdoor with porch

- Large (private) parking around the back and side of the property

- Walking distance from Vespucci Beach and nearby shops


(( Preference for long term tenancy agreement for landlord-tenant role play opportunities, furniture changes/requests are discussable with monthly tenancy agreements and longer ))



Interested? Send an email to [email protected] (( Forum PM ))


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