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BLOOM Media | Now hiring marketing managers!

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A creative agency you can trust

Bloom Media is a full service digital agency with a diverse team of skilled professionals who specialize in creating engaging user experiences across all platforms. We are a creative agency headquartered in Los Santos that specializes in a full range of marketing and branding services, including graphic design, web design, publicity, social media management, digital marketing, market research and more. Our mission is to help your company by creating a recognizable brand and to deliver an unforgettable experience to your customers. 





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Our services

Bloom Media offers a wide range of services for businesses, aiming to not only create a strong, recognizable brand, but also manage it, providing each business with a tailored suite of products and services so that it can reach its full audience and potential. All of products and services depend on what you, the customer, need, and the prices will be negotiated to your needs. Our catalog includes both products, like graphics, web design, flyers or creating a social media page as well as services, including managing your business' social media accounts, running marketing campaigns, hosting events and more.


If you want your business to stand out, contact us to arrange a meeting!

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You matter to us!

For centuries, artists and creatives were held at arm's length from the process of bringing their imaginative visions into the physical world. To be a great painter or musician or actor or writer, one didn't need much more than natural ability and an unwavering passion for the craft. But today’s vastly complex and constantly evolving digital landscape means there's a lot more players involved to realize the fantasy. Now it takes a content marketing team and an SEO specialist to create a blog post or a tweet, and a designer and developer to build a landing page that converts visitors into lead-generating subscribers. Which makes our one-stop, full service digital agency the perfect partner for creatives looking to build a brand that lasts.


Contact us!

By phone at 4360-4043 or by email at [email protected] ((Forum PM))



Leave a review!



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Welcome to the team!

We are thrilled to announce our first business partner and client, the well-known, prestigious Vetrov Automotive dealership in Rockford Hills. With a pristine reputation and a long history, the dealership boasts itself as being Los Santos' number one choice for second-hand luxury vehicles. Located in the beautiful area of Rockford Hills, Vetrov is, for many residents of Los Santos, a timeless brand and their first choice when looking to either sell or acquire a new vehicle. Whether you're looking for a car to add to your collection, a vehicle to make you stand out or a special mobile, Vetrov is the place to go. Welcome to the team!


Let's make it #BLOOM!


Vetrov Automotive

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Welcome to the team!

We're proud to announce two new clients that are now joining the BLOOM team. We're hoping for a lengthy and fruitful partnership and we are looking forward to working with both of your businesses in order to deliver the highest quality of services we can. The two respective businesses are:

  • The VIP Chinatown luxury lounge and nightclub. Located in Chinatown, next to Mission Row, the venue adopts an industrial-but-luxurious style, designed with taste and class in mind, functioning as a bar and lounge during the day and turning into a fabulous nightclub as the night arrives and the lights go off. Offering a wide range of services and producte, VIP Chinatown aims to become Los Santos' next prestigious venue and we're proud to join them on this journey.
  • Mountain MMA's King of the Ring (KOTR) tournament! Boasting the reputations as being Los Santos' number one, biggest, oldest, most important mixed martial arts tournament, the KOTR event attracts hundreds of fans at each of its stages and is proud to dish out the title, along with an astonishing $150,000 prize, to the fierce warrior that dares to enter and win.

Thank you for choosing us. Let's make it #bloom! 





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Username: MCheng

Comment: Super reliable, very easy to get along with and knows what I want. I'm super lazy when it comes to social media, so Bloom works well for me. Would highly recommend! Five Stars!

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