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Tree Top Piru

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The Jordan Downs Massacre was the nickname of a large shooting in the Jordan Downs Projects that left 4 dead and several others wounded. It was heavily rumored to be the Tree Top Piru gang retaliating for a shooting that happened in their hood earlier and multiple sources specify the beef starting over a single diss track made from one of the up coming underground rappers from South Central. He was found dead in that same shooting. 



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Samiya spends another snowy afternoon with her homies getting involved with gang politics in the street.



Word traveled like wildfire that the homie Hoody Ru went down for a gun and an attempted robbery charge. 

Word also spread that Samuel "Rambo" Puntos' girlfriend might've been disloyal since he was arrested, the homies devise a plan to help pay for his lawyer / bail.


The homies get active in the street to try and get the money for Rambo's bail.


Later on that night, Samiya received payment for her efforts in helping Red Dot get money for their locked up homie's bail.

The mission still was incomplete, so Red Dot put the little homie Casey "Lil Kaliboy#2" Pitts on a similar mission, they robbed a Mad Swan Blood who tried to sell work in their hood.

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