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Tree Top Piru

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This is Samiya's first ever gang war as a participant, she now sees the horror that the gang life can bring to her after several shootings back & forth between the Grape Street Crip & Tree Top Piru street gangs. She also was able to experience what it was like living in a militant style hood. However, this all was just a huge weight on her shoulders.



During the war, the homies were mostly looking to shoot at vehicles that lurked in their neighborhood for straggling TTP members.

They used their apartment complexes as "fortresses" to set up ambushes on their enemies. 

TTP ensured that the homies that stayed inside of the apartment buildings were heavily armed and ready to shoot any trespassers.

Samiya & other homies her age were used as scouts and a secondary line of defense, they would often call out what vehicles they seen and it would lead to shootouts near the complexes on 300 block and 500 block of their hood.


The chaos of fighting a much larger street gang weighed heavily on the Tree Top Pirus as they've begun to lose homies to shootings & police custody. 

Samuel "Rambo" Puntos was captured by the law for a shootout with the Grape Street Crips. 

The gang war also slowed down Samiya's primary source of income, which was drug dealing, she couldn't go out in public due to her being a known face & target for active Grape Street Crips.

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