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stuck ragemp loading screen

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Before you try the above; launch your game and if its stuck on the loading screen again, check this.


Open Task Manager > In the Processes tab, look for Grand Theft Auto V's row, and then under the Network column, see if there's any mbps being used on GTA. If so, then this means the server is downloading resources and you just have to patiently wait.


This has happened to me before on different updates throughout launch but unfortunately the download bar won't show.


If this is not the case, just try reinstalling.

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I'm having the same problem. My Rage MP starts up and closes shortly after loading after it goes to a black screen then back to Windows. I tried reinstalling Rage MP, I just got a brand new gaming laptop, and GTA V the game works regular in story mode. Haven't tried regular online yet, will try that now. Any suggestions will help. Thanks.

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