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Thank You!


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I’m uncertain where I want to start this as a whole, so let me just start with a simple “Thank You”. I’m so, so happy that I’ve found community within GTA:W and made a big family. Between the forums, Discord, and in game friends I’ve made, it’s crazy to think that I’ve only been a part of the server for going on four weeks now. I’ve met many people, and I have a hard time thinking of anybody that I wished I hadn’t met. Every one of you has brought with them some sort of positive experience for me, and I cherish you all for that. The last time I felt a belonging in a game like this was back in Rift, an MMO, when I first started Role-playing eight years ago. It’s been roughly six years since the last time I felt like I really belonged somewhere, and it’s all thanks to the amazing people I’ve met. This has become a proper family for me, and I never want to lose that. Even mods and Admins who usually shut themselves in from my experience have been so welcoming that it scared me. A good example would be @Wuhtah, whom I’ve had nothing but positive experiences dealing with. I’ve been able to /report the smallest things, and the admins didn’t bat an eye. They were just happy to help me with my silly issues. I ask a question in the support channel and I get honest answers or people doing their best to help me ASAP. Other communities I’ve joined just spend all of their time trolling no matter where you go. Don’t even get me started on the quality of Role-play I’ve found on the server, as well. Sure, there’ve been a few people who were a little rough around the edges, but everybody starts somewhere. For a server with people from all over the world and plenty of non-native English speakers? I’m shocked to find such high-quality play. 


So I say again... Thank you from the bottom of my heart for existing and being here. I've nothing but happy memories over these fours weeks of us spending time together, and I hope for an endless run.

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