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Expanding the robbery limit to items as well would give everyone a free pass to carry whatever on them, wherever and whenever, regardless of value. This is extremely unrealistic. You don't fight bad portrayal with bad portrayal. 


It's also not uncommon to see criminals targeting swanky, rich-looking individuals because they know those are the ones who they can make off with the most valuables from. If you want to carry expensive jewelry and accessories on you, you need to be ready to take the rap for it if things go south.


This is an open and shut case. No from me.

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Even wealthy people don't carry their ultra luxe jewelry around, sorry but I don't think this suggestion is going to end anywhere... The 5k limit doesn't even cover items just cash.


Be careful with what you don't want stolen and think if it's a good idea to take the 25k watch for a beer in Vespucci a Friday night.


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I'm not sure this suggestion fixes the problem.


As you mentioned, it makes *no sense whatsoever in any universe* that you could just rob someone at gunpoint, on Vinewood Boulevard in the afternoon, without being seen by anyone. The core problem is the "if there is no player then you can do your mediocre robbery "RP" anywhere even if it makes 0 sense" rule. :x

Expanding the robbery limits to items would only be a band-aid on the issue. 

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Whenever you target the point of how unrealistic the state of robberies are, expect nonsensical responses that use the points of realism and deal with it to combat your argument. It's just the current state of criminal mentality. It's why my suggestion had to be closed due to the sheer toxicity and trolling in responses from the opposing side.


You just have to deal with it sadly, it's a fact of the server that the whole robbery scene is in an unrealistic state, where unlike real life you shouldn't ever carry a sentimental possession, or any item worth over $10 cause it's just a statistical probability now that it'll be robbed. Nowadays I just get replicas made of everything worth about $1 and wear those. Get robbed, lose about $5 worth of replicas and just put some new ones on. Plus you don't have to put in your /ex that it's a replica so you can basically keep your roleplay unchanged.


Untill the root cause of robberies is fixed, which is unlikely since currently the admins don't seem to take much action in regards to the toxicity that goes on in suggestions.

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15 minutes ago, ScarletRose said:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the 5k robbery limit only counts for money, not items. So even if they kept the robbery limit, your jewelry worth 42k is still fair game.

Bingo. Under the current system, you can still lose all those items as fair game. 5K limit only covers cash.

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I understand the frustration of the OP and others, and while I do agree there is a problem with robberies on the server I believe that there should not be any limits to the amount that can be robbed from a person. I agree with the OP, that the current robbery meta on the server has significantly impacted certain RP opportunities, such as people being highly discouraged to go to jewelry stores and buy fancy stuff because it'll be robbed anyway. But at the same time, if you're as rich as the OP is. It also creates for even more roleplay opportunities, maybe portray your wealth realistically. Only carry your fancy stuff to big events, or important social occasions and when you do that? Provide some roleplay to security companies and hire those to protect your character. And that doesn't necessarily need to mean having two big 6'6 wrestles in suits by your sides. Security can come in many ways shapes and forms.


In real life, people target celebrities and other rich people all the time. It's why the smart ones don't post pictures on social media with fancy watches or other jewelry. 9/10 times if these people get robbed, the robbers already know what they're coming for, the brand of your watch, and they've already got a buyer ready so they don't have to walk around with the stolen item for too long.

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