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Staff Update - November 2021

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the November 2021's Staff Update! 

We hope everyone had a great Spooky Season, as now we are heading into the cold season with lots of holidays infront of us! 

For the month of October and leading into November, we have had a lot of great updates deployed for the server, including a massive update for our mappers and those that use furniture on a daily basis - over 140 new objects have been implemented into the server and are available for use. 

Recently, the new fishing update has also been deployed, allowing for those who love the immersive feeling of being on a boat or camping in the woods, the ability to go out and enjoy a nice relaxing time fishing - while also having the opportunity to gain more income with spending the time fishing as-well. The new update allows for players to go deep-water fishing and actually have fish that would realistically be in certain settings of water. Almost every single pond, lake and ocean is now able to be fished from, excluding the area of Los Santos. 


While it is not deployed officially yet, @Nervous, @Strobe, @Static & @Vassilios have confirmed a release of GTAW 2.6 which has amazing improvements within our Economy System, Weapons, Pets and some overall improvements throughout the Legal & Illegal Faction Community. We hope to hear the feedback from the community when it is officially released. You can check the update out here.

In regards to Property Management, there has been some massive changes within the leadership structure. @Selena has been promoted to the Assistant Head of Property Management, and will be assisting @Frezemis in the daily operations and management of Property Management. @Adv has been promoted to the Head of Requests with @Nightmare Night being promoted to the Head of Leasing. We wish you all the best of luck and would like to congratulate you all on the promotions. Management believes you are strong candidates for the position and will continue to work hard throughout the upcoming months and within the time in Property Management.


@cxn has also now been officially appointed the Assistant Head of Faction Management and will be overseeing the Legal Faction side of Faction Management. CXN has proven to be a strong and dedicated leader, and someone we can entrust to continue to do amazing work for the Legal Faction side of the community. We wish you the best on behalf of Management and with you well within the leadership position.

We would also like to welcome @Pepper on his completion of training within Staff Management and being assigned Senior Administrative Support to lookover the Administrative Team along with others within the sub-team. Pepper has done amazing work within Property Management and continues to show the great dedication within Staff Management.


The entire management team also give a big shoutout to the Staff Team on some amazing work done this month. With the feedback from the Community and internally from Staff, we believe we are continuing to strive for the better and Management can truly see the difference, especially in regards to reports and them being handled in a more timely manner. Staff continue to do a vast amount of jobs and are hit with a massive workload every month, and they power through it and continue to get the job done. We are extremely proud of all of you!


We're also going to be having a very special event in November and we hope that as many players as possible will participate in our upcoming discussions about it! We'll all be participating to donate money to a specific charity, more information here : 



GTA:World Management Team


Admin Promotions
Game Administrator Level 3 to Game Administrator Level 4
@Selena (Assistant Head of Property Management)


Game Administrator Level 2 to Game Administrator Level 3

@Adv (Head of Requests)
@Nightmare Night (Head of Leasing)
@cxn (Assistant Head of Faction Management - Legal Focus)


Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2



Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1


Senior Support to Trial Administrator



Support to Senior Support



New Support Members:




To avoid an influx of repeated questions, applications were not opened this month and due to a new internal system, they will be opening now every second month rather than month by month. If you were reserved in the previous wave, you will be automatically brought up for consideration in the upcoming wave for this month. If you have questions unrelated to what was mentioned above please contact @KV or @Jonesy for assistance.
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