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Black friday!? FOR CHARITY!

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Hello everyone,


I recently discussed with @Everett about the idea of creating a special black friday package in the shop as many of you have been asking for it years after years, however I've personally always been against the black friday. I slept on the idea and a second great idea came up : What if we would use the black friday hype to give back money to a charity?



It would be the perfect opportunity as a gaming community to all participate in one generous action for a charity that you care about during a full week! Everyone on the team loved the idea so I am now introducing it to you!


1) You will choose the charity!

We've opened a forum discussion here where everyone will be able to speak about a charity that matters for them, explaining why and who they are. The only requirement is that the charity will need to be registered (at least a subsidiary) within the European Union (otherwise the payment is not considered legal as our company is based in France).

If you like a post, thumb it up and we'll review all messages after a week to choose a charity from all your posts!


Winning NPO : Cancer Research Association


2) The charity is chosen, what happens next?

Once the charity is set, we'll be announcing it on Discord & Forum. Starting from the 19th of November, a special black friday charity page will be available where you'll see :

- The black friday charity packages for purchase (contents aren't set yet)

- A donation total amount will be displayed & updated after each purchase on that same page so everyone can follow how much we will be able to donate


3) How much are you donating per package?

We're not going to be donating 1€ per package or 10€, we're going to give 50%!! of what you pay directly to the charity. We'll be covering any fees, commissions, taxes from your payment to ensure that if you pay 25€ then 12.50€ will be directly donated. The donation total amount will be increased by 50% everytime you pay and this is 100% guaranteed that this amount will remain the same, even if someone chargebacks 6 months later or pay with a stolen card, we've decided to take the risk and use the remaining % to cover it too.


4) What happens once black friday ends?

We'll directly donate the charity amount few days after it ends and provide you with a full receipt from our donation! The goal is to be as transparent as possible, so as previously mentioned you'll all be able to follow the exact amount to be donated after each payments, and we will provide the official receipt as proof at the end. For these of you that are very doubtful about our intentions, you'll always be able to contact the charity with our receipt screenshot to confirm it!


I would also like to personally stream a meeting with one of the representatives of the charity we will all donate to, but it'll depend of the size of the charity that we will choose! It would be even more cool if we can get them on stream during the event!

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