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Maritime Discussion Mega Thread v2.0


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Hello everyone!


The previous topic I made (HERE) was made in a rushed manner, and I had it locked when it became horribly outdated. With the new fishing update, maritime has gotten a big overhaul and I feel like a topic like this is warranted. It is important in that the community as a whole is able to give their input about this niche subject of roleplay in roder for us all to improve on the matter! People will be able to leave their feedback here, negative and positive. Just please be courteous; no bashing or nameshaming! ❤️ 


Before the fishing update, the Maritime sector was, quite literally, dead. We ofcourse had the Los Santos Marina Yacht Club, but that was about it. Their purpose was to provide a home and a roleplay environment around yacht ownership, which was and still is an amazing concept. But before the fishing update, this was the only Maritime activity we had. When the fishing update was deployed, the Tug saw its major entry for real into the maritime sector! Yes, its been in the server for a while, but this was the first time a boat was given a functional purpose. This made way for the Maritime sector to florish, and boy did it florish! The waters are more active than ever, even now after the big hype has calmed down a bit.


We also saw the first introduction of the first real Maritime orientated business; Seo-Hee Min's Maritime (yes, self promote much?). This business is focussed on providing a roleplay environment around an actual naval business model for both legal and illegal roleplayers.


What do you think about the current maritime improvements? What could be improved? What do you think should be long and short term plans? Personally, I saw the fishing update as a good basis to expand further on. It was a great addition, but there is much more that can be done. There are countless suggestions that deserve their attention for this sector, which will be linked below.


So go ahead! Post up your opinion, your view, your feedback on this topic. Lets see what we can accomplish together with this.






Add Marine VHF Radio

Fix the fish selling point at Paleto Bay

More low-end affordable boats.

/Depositfish & /Withdrawfish

Cruise control for tugs and bigger boats

Make Tug fishing more profitable

Add a boating license

Fish Deliveries unrealistic & some changes for the Tug boat

Add a depth indicator for boats.

Add an official Maritime Authority

Fishing Improvements






Seo-Hee Min's Maritime

San Andreas Park Rangers

The Port of Los Santos

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While the new fishing script might give birth to a community (after the necessary updates and tweaks), I don't necessarily think it will, unless people are able to start extremely profitable companies that would allow them to pay employees, or have a way to establish a fishing crew based on proximity which would use the /startshift script and pay people $4,000 per hour of role-playing.


I do think there's huge potential to create an actual community surrounding boats and yachts (as a hobby, not a job), but that would require people passionate enough to start marinas or some sort of clubs that would compete with each other while hosting events and promoting role-playing by doing so. It's possible but unless it's coordinated OOCly, I don't think it will go far. Unlike cars, there are few people who have boats and there are few types of boats. If you drive down Banham Canyon or by mechanic garages, you'll likely meet other car enthusiasts. That can't happen with boats - if you sail out, you're probably unreachable by anyone, let alone by chance.

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