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LSDA Bureau of Investigation

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I've locked the thread until a real faction leader is ready to take it back.

@mattmocz has been banned for extreme toxicity for the 10th time.

While I can go through months of @mattmocz doxxing me by using my IRL picture on discord and posting stupid stuff everywhere with it and apologize such action (what a mistake), I can't accept public insults directed at the administration team on a public discord just because you were denied a case that you wrongly handled, wrongly initiated and failed to inform any proper LEO faction of it.

From the faction creation you were told strict rules for this faction which you didn't follow. Your extreme toxicity is unacceptable and is now met with a permanent community ban due to your past & recent actions.

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As for everyone blindly following someone with insane burst of angers and making up fake stories to fit his agenda, you're met with a permanent content moderation on your account.

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