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LSDA Bureau of Investigation

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(( The LSDA Bureau of Investigation is looking into hiring a small number of new investigators. Those interested in applying should head over to the JSA Forums (hyperlinked above, click "CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION"). We ask from all our prospective members to acknowledge that we're looking for those who are willing to;


Realistically portray Los Angeles County District Attorney Investigators;

Conduct their own research into the aforementioned position;

Provide the server's illegal faction and the general community with the highest standards of investigative roleplay;

Emphasize character development, long-term character progression, and passive roleplay; and

Strive to provide the community with fair and enjoyable interactions.


If you meet the above criteria, then please do not hesitate to submit your application. Recruitment will be open on November, 20th, at 00:00 (SERVER TIME / GMT), and will run until we've reached our desired number of faction members. ))

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