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LSDA Bureau of Investigation

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Los Santos County District Attorney's Office


(( The Los Santos County District Attorney's Office Bureau of Investigation (Short; "LSDA BOI") is based on the real-world Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office Bureau of Investigation (Short; "LADA BOI") and housed under the 'Judiciary of San Andreas' faction slot. The Bureau's mission is to provide the community with high standards investigative roleplay, while focusing on individual and group character development, passive roleplay, drawn-out, in-detail investigations & faithful portrayal of real-life LA County DA Investigators.


This thread will serve as an out-of-character media showcase, and its purpose is to give an insight into the Bureau's day-to-day duties and the roleplay that goes on inside the faction to those that, for whatever reason, do not, or cannot interact with us in-game. ))


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