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[Guide] Motorcycle Clubs & Prospects.

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The Official Prospect Guide:


What is a prospect?

A Prospect is a junior position in a motorcycle club. Prospects are hopefuls wishing to become fully fledged members of an organisation and as such are the little brothers of an MC. A prospect is managed by his sponsor and spends a period of time prospecting under their sponsor. Dependent on club this can range from anywhere from 3 months to 3 years.


What is a sponsor?

A sponsor is a fully patched member who guides and supports a soon-to-be member through their prospect phase. A sponsor is responsible for the education of their prospect and ensuring that they are fit for the club. They are the master to the prospects apprentice, if you will. Sponsors are generally barred from being blood related to the prospect.


What is the relationship often like between a sponsor and a prospect?

Every individual is different in their relationships, but generally you can expect a sponsor to be on good terms with his prospect. Sponsors generally take a prospect under their wing in a father-son/brother-brother bond. Sponsors will usually look out for their prospects best interests within the club and will guide them on their way to becoming a member. Sponsors and prospects generally have a life-lasting bond as a prospect generally spends the majority of his prospecting phase at his sponsors side, learning by hand.


How is a sponsor chosen?

Generally the person who put the hangaround up for vote to become a prospect is insinuating that they would like to sponsor them. However, sponsors may also be selected by cabinet should the prospect be brought up by a cabinet member who does not wish to sponsor them, or the club has brought them up in open discussion. Sponsors are generally patched members with considerable experience in the scene. Knowledge shared is knowledge halved and as such an experienced rider and patch holder is desirable for getting the best results out of a prospect.


How are prospects treated in a real 1%er club?

This is something people have pulled off tv shows and documentaries about old traditional MC’s who are stuck in the 80’s and still riding choppers down the backwoods, not city-living, new-age, modern outlaws. PROSPECTS ARE NOT YOUR PUNCHING BAG OR YOUR SLAVE. Before interacting with a prospect, ask yourself “What would I do if someone talked to me that way?” – if the answer is a violent one, then don’t do it. Prospects are LITTLE BROTHERS who you want to be around in the future. That’s why you prospected them in the first place. Is there hazing? Yes. Are they the butt of the joke? Yes. In the same way your sibling rips on you, but doesn’t treat you like absolute garbage.

Prospecting is meant to break down your humility and help a prospect learn to do things for the benefit of a group rather than an individual – which poses an integral question. Why would someone willingly sign up to an organisation that does nothing to them for 3 months-3 years except make them clean toilets, get beaten up and fetch beer? They wouldn’t. If you treated prospects in real life the way they are treated in MC RP, you wouldn’t have any prospects. Or patches. Because they all have PTSD.

Your prospects should be learning inter-club relationships, politics, and the culture, not 70 different bylaws, what a patched members favourite taco is and how they like their coffee. Otherwise when they patch in, all they know is how to clean a toilet and fetch beer and they have no idea how to properly represent the club while wearing that nice new back patch they spent months cleaning for.





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