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What ethnicity/nationality gets little representation here?


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Honestly, most nationalities are underrepresented. One of the main reasons why people of a certain nationality exist is because of factions - if there's a Russian faction, you'll have Russian characters. The other might be because it's cool or it gives them some sort of perk (think of British characters, similar to American ones but with a twist, or Japanese racers), and there's a small percentage of people who actually want to role-play something new, for the sake of it.


If you were to sum up all of the nationalities that are present on GTA World, you'd have a few huge groups (Italians, Russians, British, Mexican etc.), some smaller ones, a few lost people but a ton of entirely missing communities - think about the Netherlands, Hungary, Austria, Laos, Iran and so on. There are barely some, if any, people belonging to such nationalities.

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10 hours ago, imi said:

Americans in LS, everyone has a British accent... (don't hurt me please...!) Or at least just more 'normal LS residents'.

Problem I have realized with people roleplaying Americans/any other ethnicity (while most likely being British in real life) are that they use British slang for some reason lol.

Had an American cop in game once use british slang and I had no fucking clue what he was saying.

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Hold my hands up; since this was my first RP experience ever when I signed up in March, I used a character that was a template of myself (Brit come to LS for fresh start blah blah). It was a starting point but I got bored of essentially lending IRL elements. Nowadays I RP as an American and use tastes and attributes completely different from myself. I even set radio stations of specific music genres to match those characters, as it adds to that character's interests and not my own IRL (if someone is riding in my vehicle it's kinda nice not having a full blown convo about Mass Effect all the time and explore something fresh for the sake of IC elements. 


Though that last bit went off topic, I think it's important to find a good organic ethnic background that isn't your own, as well as the other stuff on top. My IC landlord has never used a computer much in their life bit obviously they have some knowledge IRL getting RAGEMP set up XD

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7 hours ago, Ink said:

This is a subject [...] to the US, specifically. If they're the immigrant, why, how, and what did they have to do to make this happen? Why did they choose here? If they're born in the US, how close is immigration to their upbringing and how did it affect their perspective on being an American?

I'm out of reactions but thanks 😛 

What you're talking about here is part of why I made a 2nd gen immigrant from one of the regions you mentioned ^^ That said, in order to not portray it in a grotesque and racist manner, it involves quite a bit of research, that not everyone is willing to put in :x 

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I think it's purely because nobody knows the cultural side of the ethnicity they are portraying. Me personally, I'll just always role play as an ordinary plain-jane, as I can't be arsed researching a background to play a game.

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I currently play a second-gen immigrant with my father being from Ukraine and meeting up a girl from Texas coming to the US, my IC still keeps up some home values(language, for example), but has americanized quite well having a faint southern accent due to growing up in a hillbilly-ish area of texas, ive gotten flak from some people for being "unrealistic" even though i thoroughly explain to people about it. So honestly, to some degree, its also the people to blame and their mindset.

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