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Do you think criminals are way too open about their criminal activity?


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It's a variable thing, some characters especially gangbangers look at it with a sense of pride. Which is definitely more prominent the younger they are and is also quite realistic. Ultimately it's down to the character, but being outwardly about their actions as a gangmember isn't unrealistic.


On 10/24/2021 at 11:25 PM, Santanaa said:

On the other hand, when you're a criminal which looks like a stereotypical criminal which you could find on the server (Specific names, appearance, tattoos, etc),


This is also pretty realistic in terms of appearance, tattoos etc. The level of diversity is also limited by the resources of the server (clothing, tattoos etc excl mods) so you'll always find this especially in a community as big as this.

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While my character isn't a criminal in the common sense, she doesn't hide the fact that she is binge smoking marijuana, she is quite open about it, given her nature and her origins. Plus she does not see anything wrong with admitting that she smokes. I am a badass I know.

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I'm fairly confident its because most people who play criminals on here take inspiration from somewhere.

If that inspiration exists, its because the person who inspired/influenced their "criminal" behaviour was loud enough for people to base their own characters on.


So their just doing what they think criminals would do, I guess.


E.g, if you're basing your character on "Big Bad Ricky" from your local block, the fact that you know hes a criminal should be enough for you to not take inspiration from them.

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As a person unfortunately met a reasonable amount of criminal people IRL, I can easily say that they talk about the crimes they commited 24/7. They brag, exeggrate all kind of stuff. They also degrade their victims, the law enforcement and other criminals(unless they're way too scared of them).



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Just like in game, in real life you get dumb criminals that are obvious. They love to brag about their crimes, and drug dealers especially are quite open on what they do. They don't tend to get caught often so they end up gaining a lot more confidence and it continues in a cycle.

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Being a secret organization that works from the shadows is way cooler. It's particularly fun seeing some of the lower tier criminals start scrambling whenever something happens that they can't explain. Who can explain it for them?


Good luck trying to find out.


Plus, there's a really nice and protective quality about being secret. How can people maim or harass your business if they don't even know how to find it in the first place? 

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I think sometimes we are influenced by the OOC, both by the Faction forums and by the fact that we are playing GTA.
When we see a large group of people of the same ethnicity we always tend to believe that they are criminals ... and fundamentally we are never wrong.


I can say that there are two sides of the same coin. There are members of some factions who let you know about them very slowly, taking advantage of the right moment to be able to reveal their nature.

Instead there are other players who do not hide their criminal nature.

What do I think? That you have to take this IC. Because anyone who reveals his criminal nature too easy will always be subject to IC repercussions.

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