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[please L&A]Fifth Freedom; Intelligence. Redefined.


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Fifth Freedom provides its customers with a publicly accessible intelligence agency and private investigation services. It's main service is its proprietary web database and crawlers that scrape for user's online activity and provide additional insight for businesses and the general publics interests (i.e. for background checks or missing persons cases). It's headquartered in the center of Los Santos and provides background check services to businesses looking to validate their new employee's history, and a plethora of private investigative services, including, but not limited to:\


  • Infedelity
  • Serving Court Summons
  • Missing Persons


Fifth Freedom is established by former service members of the United States Military and Government Officials, and provides job opportunities for recently returning veterans. It is our mission to redefine how Los Santos approaches intelligence from a civilian perspective.


To request services, please email [email protected] ((Forum PM)) using the following template.



Full Name:

Phone Number:

Email Address:

Service Requested [Please mark one as ☑ complete]

☐ Background Check

☐ Missing Person

☐ Infidelity

☐ Court Summons

☐ Other

If other, please further explain your case below or request below:


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