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Pacific Ventures Inc.

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Pacific Ventures, Inc. leverages new market opportunity in Blaine County by utilizing our I.C.E. Strategy.


Innovate - Leverage the internal traffic platforms of various high-demand industries, with the expansion of new ideas to assist with the establishment of further development in the region.


Connect - Through means of connecting with angel investors and business owners down to the various consumers, we look to further bring economic stability to at risk regions of San Andreas. By connecting the dots, business owners will be able to expand already solid foundations whilst offering passive income to investors - further developing career opportunity for residents.


Economic Opportunity - With the deeply rooted network, a wide range of possibilities are offered to expedite growth of our acquired brands to assist with companies in reaching their goals quicker.






Taking the community developmental venture capital approach to assist developing communities of Blaine County of stepping further into the future. Most venture capital firms have a bottom line focus of raising cash-capital for various acquisitions to make the investor happy. At Pacific Ventures, we go a step further. We also want to supply community's of Northern regions, specifically underinvested areas to further develop the economic growth of those specific regions. Through such investments, we strive to create additional entry-level employment as well as further development into the ever so-expanding blue collar industry. Community economic development is fundamentally about making things happen that would not happen without third party intervention. When a small business wishes to expand, it may struggle to do so off of liquid cash/debt alone; it would need sufficient equity capital to expand further. Traditional venture capital is nonexistent in such communities. At Pacific Ventures, we're the link between angel investors and the community. Through our acquisitions, we seek to offer proper financial backing directly into these on-the-rise geographical areas. Our CDVC Fund goes directly into the business of choice for the investor. 

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Trippy's is currently based in the Sandy Shores area, supplying the local community with southern-styled cuisine. Creating great barbecue isn’t just their job, their hobby, their 9-5, it’s their lives. They do what they do for the consumer. They want the BBQ to tell a story, to bring the consumer back to a time and a place. The process is simple: Use the best ingredients, don’t cut corners, and create a great guest experience. You just can’t beat great barbecue served with a smile.








Spark Monkey's Tools & Workshop is currently in operation in Western Sandy Shores, supplying both businesses and individuals with the necessary tools for contractor/home-development work. With a wide-range of tools in the current inventory, Spark Monkey's continues to develop into a cornerstone for the work-force. Whether an individual needs a specific tool, or the materials for the job - Spark Monkey's takes on the job and succeeds. With highly skilled experienced technicians, the job can be considered complete. From metal fabrication, to tool sales floor assistance, Spark Monkey's looks to offer a partnership rather than commerce. 

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Are you interested in becoming an angel investor to one of our subsidiaries? Through Pacific Ventures, we can make it worthwhile through weekly dividend payouts estimating between 5% and 10% returns weekly. To become an angel investor, the minimum investment for shares is currently at a $10,000 minimum for all available subsidiaries. In order to avoid dilution of shares available, the maximum an individual can invest is currently $50,000. All raised capital will go directly into the expansion of the appropriate companies to assist into further development of economic distribution via means of payroll, asset protection, and even additional acquisitions. Tours of subsidiaries can be provided by subsidiary management at time of inquiry.


To find out more information to invest in Barnhouse Brewery & Tap Room, contact [email protected] ((forum pm)) with the title "$BBTR."


To find out more information to invest in Spark Monkey's Workshop & Tools, contact [email protected] ((forum pm)) with the title "$SMWT."





  • Dividend payouts range weekly from 5-10% depending on negotiation of share distribution. 
  • Minimum investment of $10,000 into each subsidiary. 
  • Maximum investment of $50,000 into each subsidiary to avoid share dilution.
  • Shares may be transferred/sold towards another individual/company. Transfer of ownership must be provided in order to receive dividends.
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     The purpose of the Pacific Ventures 2021 Long Term Incentive Plan (the "Plan") are to attract and retain the best available personnel, to provide additional incentives to Employees, Directors, Angel Investors, and Consultants and to promote the success and enhance the value of the Company's business by linking personal interest of the  Employees, Directors, Angel Investors, and Consultants to those of the Company stockholders and by providing such individuals with an incentive for outstanding performance to generate superior returns.




Wherever the following terms are used in the Plan they shall have the meanings specified below, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise. The singular pronoun shall include the plural where the context so indicates.

2.1 "Affiliate” means (a) a Subsidiary, (b) any entity in which the Company has a significant equity interest, or (c) any entity that directly or through one or more intermediaries is controlled by the Company, in each case, as determined by the Committee.

2.2 “Award” means an Option, an award of Restricted Stock, a Stock Appreciation Right, an award of Performance Shares, an award of Performance Stock Units, a Dividend Equivalent Right, an award of Restricted Stock Units, a Performance Bonus Award, a Performance-Based Award or any other right or benefit, including any other Award under Article 8, granted to a Participant pursuant to the Plan.

2.3 “Award Agreement” means any written agreement, contract, or other instrument or document evidencing the terms and conditions of an Award, including through electronic medium.

2.4 "Board" means the Board of Directors of the Company.


2.9 "Company" means Pacific Ventures, a San Andreas corporation.


2.10 "Dividend Equivalent Right" means a right granted to a participant pursuant to Section 8.3 hereof to receive the equivalent value (in cash or Shares) of dividends paid on the Shares.



3.1 Number Of Shares.


The aggregate number of Shares which may be issues or transferred pursuant to Awards under the Plan is 500,000 Shares, all of which may be issues upon the exercise of Incentive Stock Options.


3.2 Repricing


Notwithstanding the foregoing, a Repricing is prohibited without prior stockholder approval. Subject to compliance with the provisions of the immediately preceding sentencing regarding a Repricing, the Board may, at any time or from time to time: authorize the Company, with the consent of respective Participants, to issue new Awards in exchange for the surrender and cancellation of any or all outstanding Awards. This does not limit a shareholder from redistribution on the open market. 


3.4 Dividends


All Angel Investors may be granted one or more performance based awards in the form of cash bonus payable upon the attainment of performance goals that are established by the committee and relate to one or more of the performance criteria. All eligible individuals may be granted Dividend Equivalent Rights based on the dividends declared on the Shares for that appropriate time scale. Such individuals are to be credited as of the dividend payment dates, during the period between the date and the Award is granted. Such an issuance would be rewarded on a weekly basis in which reflects on earnings on that given Affiliate. After operation costs, with performance incentives, each Employee, Director, Angel Investor, and Consultant may be rewarded up to 10% on a issuance basis, or minimum of $5.00 per share. 


3.5 Incentive Stock Options


Long term Angel Investors, Employees, Consultants, and Directors at any time may be awarded a ISO ("Incentive Stock Option") which is the fair market value of a share of common stock on the grant date. The term of the Shares shall be determined at the time of reward as a final exercise date, subject to earlier termination in the event of participant terminations. All ISOs ("Incentive Stock Option") will be announced publicly by the Company.






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