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[LSNN] Online prostitution: Are pimps thriving?

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Online prostitution: Are pimps thriving?





Los Santos, SA - Prostitution exists in many shapes and forms, and as of recent, the most convenient way to pursue such services is through the internet. With the ample opportunities provided by the internet, the prostitution industry has branched out. Today's pimps are avoiding police detection by using hidden addresses, underground websites, and even the popular Facebrowser website. Nowadays, technology has reshaped the contours of prostitution, with a high percentage of its sales now occurring online.


Just like shopping, you go online and browse through these agencies' platforms. You scroll through the pictures, find the perfect candidate, click a button to message and the deal is sealed. Romantic? Perhaps not. But it sure is efficient and convenient. These services are much more convenient for men to buy sex from, but they leave the women in equal danger than they normally would on the streets - if not more, given the fact that malicious Johns are harder to track over the internet.


The advertisements are deceptive, at first, hiding the solicitation under the auspices of a date, massage, or paid company, for example. In their promotions, the pimps are often disingenuous, but apparent and evident. Most of them use the platform that Facebrowser provides; it's free, fast, reliable, and allegedly safe, judging by the abundance of escort companies that advertise daily, somehow avoiding the attention of Los Santos' authorities. 





Two of the many escorting  agencies that operate through Facebrowser (Source: Facebrowser)



 As depicted in the images, it's quite palpable what sort of services these agencies provide. After a glance, one can quickly speculate it. Many of the pictures of women that are posted on these profiles have their faces included in, or partially - which brings us to question whether the authorities of Los Santos are even moderating and hunting this industry. After all, sex work, to this day, is illegal in the state of San Andreas. Dwelling further, one of the advertisements that sought to attract potential future workers is deemed quite alarming. 




In the context of the advertisement's phrasing, the word 'young' is underlined for the sake of casting the importance on it. In an orthodox spectrum and a normal reality, the words 'young' and 'escort' don't belong together, in any context. It is utterly appalling and revolting to even consider, not to mention to even endorse young women to prostitute. After dwelling into the matter further, I searched for people who have pursued the wares the online market of prostitution provides for its buyers and they gave me their insight, after guaranteeing their anonymity. I will be referring to myself as VA, and I'll be labeling the anonymous speaker as AN in the following interviews.


VA: You told me you often enjoy the services from both forms of prostitution. The one online and the one you find on the streets. What's the difference?

AN: Very different. Y'know. Street prostitutes are cheap and the experience is come and go. Those pretty escort girls you find online hit different, though. They're real expensive, but most of the time, it's worth it. You pay for their company and a good night, not only for the s*x. No difference in the last thing, though - you do what you want, so long as you pay for it. 

VA: So it's more of an exclusive service. What about the women there? Are they more mature, or young? 

AN: Both, I think? The ones I've been with have been of legal age on the younger side.

VA: Is there someone accompanying those girls? You know, just like the ones from the streets - their pimps are around the corners and watching them.

AN: Sometimes, yeah. It's the same, always someone around the corner or escorting them to the place.

VA: Have you ever faced any legal consequences after purchasing a woman's time from the internet? You know prostitution is illegal in the state.

AN: Nah, not with the ones from the agencies. No one can tell.


As insinuated by the brief interview, it's proven that this form of prostitution is far more 'safe' than the one we're accustomed to on the streets. These agencies hide behind a veil of legitimacy, whilst selling out women. That, by itself, proves the initial point that pimps are thriving beneath the surface of the iceberg that is the internet. After all, we only see the shape of the iceberg that is above the water. One can only ponder what swims beneath. 


VA: Do you find any difference between the girls you can meet through the internet and the ones you can get from the streets?

AN: Definitely. Ones from the streets are the ones you can do just about anything, no limits. It's the same with the ones from the internet, but there's /some/ etiquette. 

VA: Etiquette? Can you be more objective?

AN: Well, uh. Ones from the internet are more.. refined. They're more classy. Gotta treat them properly. You still pay, though. So anything goes.

VA: Do you feel like the girls on the internet are younger and if yes, how young would you say?

AN: Younger, for sure. They're not raggedy like the ones from the streets. I can't speak in numbers, but definitely way younger. 

VA: Legal, you think?

AN: I hope so. 


Age isn't something of importance when hiring the company of a youthful woman from the internet. If she's there, she has to be legal, right? What an absurd notion. It's absurd that this industry operates so freely.  The internet is very lucrative and thus, benefits a higher profit for the pimps. With all of this taken in mind, one's curiosity arises about the legal consequences that these agencies should be facing, but they're not.  Would targeting prostitution change anything? Perhaps not. Prostitution is like a cockroach - it always survives and comes back, no matter how efficient the termination is.

The girls working in this industry aren't safe just because they work 'indoors'. They aren't. Safe are the predators and hustlers that are meeting with them with the same intentions, with the difference that they look like normal people who attend medical school and have formal ties. And of course, especially safe under the protection of the internet, which seems poorly moderated as it is.






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Username: proudrepublican

Comment: lol imagine if the democrats legalized prostitution, pimping would become legal and like mr. anonymous guy says, no one can tell the difference.

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Username: NoNameBob123

Comment: Imagine legalizing prostitution, we'll become like Amsterdam, women in show case glasses in a district getting objectified, like Ronald Regan said once we take '' In God we Trust '' motto off, we will fail as a nation, DemoKKKRats are making sure of that, also screw LSNN for selling out to them, how much money you need Republicans to buy it back? lmao.

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4 hours ago, MozeyX said:

Username: BubbleBut

Comment: As long nobody gets forced and have a free will and get paid, I am good with it. But that's why we need to legalize sex work.

Username: sunshine

Comment: legalizing is probably the worst solution. women are just gonna get abused under a veil of legitimacy - if sex work is to be legal, there need to be facilities that provide those services and those should be the only places where you can get these services. but its not gonna happen

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Username: AmericanPatroits99 

Comment:  Vote Senator Mrs. Reyes out of office. I am happy there are some sanity in the state legislator because if this was legalize can you imagine the abuse. The horror that the women will go through, plus there will be an increase in human sex traffickers within the state. Can you imagine large amounts of girls being abused it would like what is happening to Netherlands. God will not forgive us. Again Vote Senator Ryes Out of office. She is horrible and goes against the working people.     

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21 hours ago, sunshine said:

Username: sunshine

Comment: legalizing is probably the worst solution. women are just gonna get abused under a veil of legitimacy - if sex work is to be legal, there need to be facilities that provide those services and those should be the only places where you can get these services. but its not gonna happen

Username: BubbleBut

Comment: Fair point, let's get these facilities!!

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