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Piracy on Fishermen - Already?


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I suggest reporting subpar robberies, be it in-game or forums.


We are already cracking down on the robberies that happen in the county and I'm tempted to believe it's going the right way. Staff team won't tolerate any type of pirate rp (your usual random robberies but on sea) and we'll act immediately.

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5 minutes ago, Scorch said:


If you need to actually write the rule that jetski's are banned for use in robberies, it really is time to start looking at the application process again, as it is not doing the job it is supposed to.

They also completely randomized the sell points for fish no matter where you are on the map in order to scriptly try to prevent people from camping sell spots (Yes I got confirmation on this). You could be in a tugboat up near Paleto and get a sell point down in South LS 🤣 Not the coder's fault, he's just doing what he was told.

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Bruh this server has gotten soft. I broke rules only once, by refusing to rp a robbery and was banned for 2 weeks. What do I see now? Nothing, absolutely nothing. People arguing back and forth over simplest form of deathmatching which ends with a warning.

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