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Piracy on Fishermen - Already?


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There should be a rule made similar to one for hunters to prevent stuff like this. It looks hilarious and it's to say the least - very bad roleplay to rob someone's boat in the middle of the sea, especially if the guy's roleplaying a fisherman. I think it's obvious that real life robbers don't rob fisherman. 

Roleplaying robbers (which some people IRL pretty much live off and have a trained scheme of doing) is not a bad thing to do if done correctly and not too often, but - If you're doing this, you seriously need to re-think your character.

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5 minutes ago, KinnyWynny said:

Don’t ban it. Just park a Legend-class Coast Guard Cutter a mile off shore and have pirates get their engines blown up by coasties with shotguns.


the based approach to piracy



what i've been saying man.

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