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Tributum Financial - Alternative Investing

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Five experts

Tributum Financial is lead by a team of five people with strong careers as investment advisors. Together we manage over five million dollars worth of investments that generate a steady monthly profit for all our investors.




Become an investor today

Tributum Financial has two investment packages for you to choose from, or if you wish, you can decide to invest an amount of your own choosing. After you have chosen a package, send an email to [email protected] with the format below:

((Copy the format and click the "email" to send a Forum PM.))


Tributum Financial Investor Form

Full name:

Phone Number:

Chosen investment package:

Best time to schedule a meeting ((UTC, /time)):


First Tier Investor -- $30,000

Start off your investment portfolio with the First Tier Investor's package. Through this package, your money will be invested into private equities that generate high amounts of revenue in a short period of time.



Experienced Investor -- $70,000 - 120,000$

The Experienced Investor's package is for someone who is already comfortable with investing through a third party. When you invest into this package, you can expect a steadier flow of revenue over a longer period of time, which is made possible by investing your money into already well-established businesses that have a loyal customer base.


Professional Investor -- Choose your own investment amount!

The Professional Investor's package is for someone who has more money available to them, and is wishing to make more. Expect your money to be invested in real estate, and for the properties to be rented. You can expect steadier revenue which is higher than normal.



Careers at Tributum

Tributum Financial is ran by a team of talented people in various positions. We are looking for dedicated people to join the team. Apply today!


Three reasons to work for Tributum Financial:

1. Freedom and responsibility whilst doing work that actually has a purpose  👍

2. Awesome supervisors  🤘

3. Competitive salary  💸


Our positions:

Financial Advisor, full time - APPLICATIONS OPEN


As a financial advisor, you will be providing investment advice and will be responsible for managing the company's investments.

Salary: 20,000$ hourly

Minimum requirements: 21-year old legal resident of San Andreas. No criminal record. Must speak fluent English and have experience with investing in Los Santos. Be prepared to show your investment portfolio.

Desired requirements: Previous experience in another investing firm. Bachelor's in Finance and Economic Sciences.

Apply: Send in your freely written application along with your resume to [email protected]

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