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[LSNN] President Pro Tempore Noah Wade proposes to his girlfriend live on LSNN TV


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President Pro Tempore Noah Wade proposes to his girlfriend live on LSNN TV





Los Santos, SA - On 7th October 2021, recently elected President Pro Tempore of the State Senate Noah Wade (36) proposed to his girlfriend Esme Sheikh (27) live on LSNN TV, after an exclusive interview about his political career and his plans for the State Senate. Mr. Wade and Ms. Sheikh were exclusive guests in the LSNN studio. Ms. Sheikh was visibly happy and speechless after Wade showed his gentleman traits live on TV.



President Pro Tempore Noah Wade proposing to Esme Sheikh in the LSNN studio


"Thank you for having us, Simon. On a final note though... You've not done a great job at appropriating Esme the screen time she deserves. For that, please, allow me to be the interviewer and to ask one simple question", started President Pro Tempore Wade. He then stood up from the chair, faced Ms. Sheikh and genuflected in front of her, withdrawing a small box with a luxury ring. "Esme Sheikh. Will you do me the everlasting honor of becoming my wife?", asked Mr. Wade graciously, which followed up with balloons falling in the studio, along with romantic music in the background. After Ms. Sheikh said the words - "I will", the couple hugged each other as a sign of true love, visibly excited and happy. "I'm a lucky woman to have him. I'm grateful, been nothing but blessed", said Ms. Sheikh off air, after the proposal.


Below, you can read the written version of the interview which was held live on air in the LSNN studio.



Simon Cahill: Welcome to the studio, you two!


Noah Wade: Thank you for having us, Simon.


Esme Sheikh: It's a pleasure to be here, Simon. I've been looking forward to this!


Simon Cahill: I'm glad to hear that, Esme! May I call you Esme? 


Esme Sheikh: Of course! Esme is just fine!


Simon Cahill: Esme, Noah recently became the President Pro Tempore of the State Senate. How does his new position affect you? I assume you are proud of him, of course, but I'd like to know, is it difficult to handle his new responsibilities? What has changed at home now, so to say? 


Esme Sheikh: Well, in all honesty, Simon? His new position hasn't changed much in our personal lives. We still go on with our day to day lives like nothing has changed. Of course he has a big position to fill now, but being the person he is - I have no doubt in my mind that he's doing just fine and will continue to do so. I'm here to support him and will always be there for him whenever he needs me.


Simon Cahill: Do you see yourself getting involved in politics, Esme? 


Esme Sheikh: It's funny you say that. I'll be honest, a few years back I had barely any interest in politics but I began to grow fond of it over time, especially being around Noah. In fact, I already work under him as his assistant currently. That being said, I see it more of a way for me to learn more about politics, I treat it less of a job and more of a learning process for something I could possibly achieve in the future.


Noah Wade: You know, Simon. I envy Esme. She's had the pleasure of working with an extremely brilliant mind, former Senator Jonathan Spencer, before being transferred to my office after Jonathan had to urgently leave things behind. 


Simon Cahill: Noah, looking at the history of your career - I will mention a couple of higher positions. You started in the Republican Party, actively advocating for Republican views in politics and society. You grew in the world of politics, on the position of Vice Chairman of the Republican Party. You were also Secretary of State Perez's Chief of Staff. Allow me to remind the citizens about a couple of your statements on different issues in San Andreas. On State Legalization of Sex Work Act of 2021, amongst other things, you've stated the following: "I believe it all comes down to common sense and the morals of a person. Decriminalization of sex work will eventually have it's negative impact." On Organized Crime Control Act of 2021: "Aside from empowering local agencies to take on crime, I do believe education to be extremely fundamental to this. With the not-so-recent appointment of Superintendent of Public Instructions, Dr. Haney has been working relentlessly to ensure a bright future for generations to come." On punishment versus rehabilitation: "I believe both complete each other. There's no day without night; no Republican Party without Democratic Party; no punishment without rehabilitation. That being said, some crimes are so inhumane, immoral and flat-out wrong, that they aren't worth the rehabilitation. The severity of an offence is a huge factor when it comes to this duality." And so on, and so on. It is evident that you have a long history in politics, and as of recent, you became our President Pro Tempore of the State Senate. Considering your past experiences, from past positions, what is the difference that this position has brought for you in your everyday routine? Furthermore, what are your plans now for the Senate and San Andreas as a whole? Will we see any new changes soon?


Noah Wade: Excellent question, Simon. I believe changes are already happening. Before I delve into specifics, I'd like to take a moment to appreciate former President Pro Tempore, Frank Ernst, for building up whatever we have today from practically nothing. As I said, Simon. Changes are already evident. We are seeing far more cooperation between the two aisles. Just to name a few - the new SHAFT amendments, proposed by myself, co-sponsored by Democratic Senator Haney. Heroes Assistance Program amendments, proposed by myself, co-sponsored by Majority Leader Diana Jones. This, of course, translates to a full Senate cooperation, as we have already seen it with Republican Senator Adrian Rossi. Senator Rossi has been relentlessly working across the aisle with out Democratic colleagues with several bills now. His latest resolution, Special Committee formation, was publicly backed by the Democratic Party Chairman. My Castle Doctrine, which has since been signed by Governor Brandt, was also co-sponsored by Democratic Senator Valeria Reyes. Simon, actions speak louder than promises. And during my tenure as the PPT, the Senate has been demonstrating excellent bipartisanship. I am not only proud of my Republican colleagues, but my Democratic friends too. As I said in an earlier interview, we complete each other. It enables us to tackle issues from a different perspective. And I am honored to be part of this journey.


Simon Cahill: Noah, is this position the peak of your political career, or are there more goals for you? What's next? Maybe Governor? 


Noah Wade: I'm already honored to serve as the President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Whatever the future holds for me, we shall find it out in the upcoming years. Who knows? Maybe one day you'll see my name on the Lieutenant Governor ballot.


Simon Cahill: Let's take a look at recent issues in San Andreas and talk about them. "It also still burdens us to know that many of our hospitals, clinics and other organizations acquire their medications, supplements and other pharmaceutical products out of State", says NERO Pharmaceuticals' CEO James Brooks, in an interview for LSNN TV. "We trust that the State should have its own economical-input when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry at this time being", concludes Mr. Brooks. Noah, why do we get the said products out of State?


Noah Wade: Great question, Simon. Diana Jones and I had the pleasure to meet with NERO Pharmaceuticals' board. It was very informative and educational. It's to no one's surprise - Diana and I aren't scientists. If we were, we wouldn't be senators. This meeting was vital for both us and the State. It enabled us to have a wider view on the struggles of this specific industry. I think Diana, as the Chairwoman of the committee on health, would be more than happy to further elaborate on how the Senate aims to tackle these concerns.


Simon Cahill: On 15th September, in Downtown Vinewood, in a bar, a violent scene has occurred. After police officers entered the bar, they were met with verbal, as well as a physical assault. And this is just one of the situations where we can witness a clear detestation towards the people in uniform in San Andreas. What are your plans to battle violence on the people who tirelessly work to protect us? 


Noah Wade: First of all, it truly saddens me to hear about these news. Our men and women in uniform took on the duties to protect the rest of our society. The Republican Party and caucus has always stood-by our emergency services. Police, Sheriffs, Park Rangers. Firefighters, EMT. List goes on. While they took on the responsibilities to serve the citizens, we, as politicians, have also done the same. We must stand by our law enforcement during these hard times, and I hope to be able to arrange meetings with the respective authorities' executive staff to discuss methods in which we can help from our Capitol. Outreach is key. 


Simon Cahill: On 26th September 2021, an anonymous petition advocating for District Attorney Melanie Cromwell's resignation has shown up on the internet on a petition website. The petition remained anonymous for a while, until two days later, when officer Rafael Videla employed in the Los Santos Police Department came forward as the person who started the petition. To remind the citizens - LSPD GED officer behind the petition on District Attorney Melanie Cromwell; "There are 118 signatures so far, we want State-wide elections for the DA position", officer says. On 28th September 2021, LSNN conducted an interview with Mr. Videla. "5 State Senators have signed", says Officer Videla. "The reason for the petition is simple, District Attorney Cromwell has shown all of us citizens of the State of San Andreas that she doesn't seem to truly want to uphold the values of the office she holds", said Officer Videla amongst other things. District Attorney Melanie Cromwell was a guest in the LSNN studio too, speaking about the topic. "I don't hold any grudges against any person, who decided to sign it. People have the right to want change, I'm just disappointed in the fact that the information within that petition is false", said DA Cromwell amongst other things. A Resolution to Establish the Special Committee on Prosecutorial Investigations: "There are over 100 signatures, this is a public outcry from those we represent", says Republican Senator Rossi. Democratic Senator Marty Haney agreed with Republican Senator Adrian Rossi, further stating that he himself has also signed the petition. Without objection, you proceed to voting. With 5 YAYs, 0 NAYs and 0 abstained votes, the Resolution got adopted without any opposition. What is your comment on Officer Vidala's petition and the situations afterwards? 


Noah Wade: My comment on the situation? I have already released a statement to the State Government's outreach department. My hard working colleagues from this department published this press piece. But to reiterate - I was pleased to see unanimous support for Republican Senator Rossi's resolution. We have sworn to protect our great State, and that is what we intend to do with this Special Committee that I chair as the President Pro Tempore. Everyone has the right to sign any sort of petition, including the latest one published by the officer. All I can say is, we are hard at work behind the scenes, drafting up our action plan to ensure an efficient delivery of results.


Simon Cahill: Would you support State-wide elections for the District Attorney position?


Noah Wade: Elections are vital to us all. It allows everyone to have an impact on who will represent their interests, be it in the Capitol or the courts. That's democracy, Simon.


Simon Cahill: Mr. Wade, when it comes to acts, bills and resolutions, what's next in the Senate now? What is in the works?


Noah Wade: Right now, we have several bills awaiting a spot on the floor. Namely, Senator Rossi's 'Parking Definitions', which aims to clarify on parking regulations across the State. I don't think I need to say this, but I love guns, Simon. I've had the pleasure of working with Democratic Senator Haney on the latest SHAFT Amendments which rectified numerous mistakes and loopholes that were left in from the time it was first drafted. With that being said, I aim to bring changes to our Penal Code. SHAFT will no longer be a misdemeanor, but an accumulative infraction, just how it was intended. Furthermore, I'd like to see more gun accessibility across the State. These are, of course, just a few I have mentioned. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes, but we have a schedule to follow, and I have hearings to schedule!


Simon Cahill: Esme, tell us please, when he's at home, is Noah Wade different than when in the Senate Chambers or on TV? What does he like to do as a hobby, when away from the work environment and curious eyes? Camera crew, please disable Noah Wade's microphone for two minutes. Esme, tell us, tell us. 


Esme Sheikh: Noah at home, hah. He's going to hate me for saying this, but the majority of the time I'm calling him a lazy child. Different? Yes, you could say so, but he remains to keep that same cool he has. I've actually been trying to teach him a little Arabic recently. Got him a book and everything, been trying to get him in kitchen more often too. Overall though, he's more emotionally attached with me - well, I'd like to think so. 


Simon Cahill: Does he cook for you?


Esme Sheikh: There was one occasion he actually did! Of course, it didn't compare to the food I cook but he did really good. Made a entire base sauce for a Bolognese sauce and everything, I'd say with a few pointers, he could be on his way to be a Michelin star chef.


Simon Cahill: One occasion. Noah, come on. Come on...


Noah Wade: Simon, what can I say, my Bolognese sauce is just lush. 


Simon Cahill: Who is your favorite politician, Noah?


Noah Wade: I've been asked this question before, and my opinion remains unchanged. Thomas Barnes from City. But if you'd like to hear something new - I'd have to say Diana Jones and Frank Ernst, even though he is retired. I'm a broken record at this point. But Diana Jones, let me tell you, she's a role model to all. She doesn't let partisan agenda derail her from accomplishing great things in our state legislature. She is an absolute gem to work with. Frank Ernst, well, I've learnt a lot from him. I worked under him before becoming a State Senator. He's taught me everything he knew, and for that I am eternally grateful. 


Simon Cahill: Mr. Wade, Ms. Sheikh, thank you for being our guests tonight in the studio. It has been a pleasure. 


Noah Wade: Thank you for having us, Simon. 


Esme Sheikh: It's been a pleasure, Simon. I'm thankful for your hospitality and for you having us here.





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